Weekly report of charging head network: Beisi launched 120W expansion port vehicle charger, and Xunxun launched USB4 cable

Every Monday, it is time to report the weekly report of charging head network this week. There are few new products and many disassembled products this week, including uibi grapefruit and 20W Mini quick charging head of green joint small diamond. The following is the main topic. The time span of this weekly report is from May 4 to May 9.


new arrival


  1. The end of the oppo K9 conference brought K9 mobile phone, K9 smart TV, wireless headset and smart bracelet


Oppo K9 mobile phone adopts high pass Xiaolong 768g processor, adopts 4300mah battery pack with double electric core, and is equipped with 65W supervooc super flash charging. It can be charged to 25% power in 5 minutes and only 35 minutes for 100%. Other configurations of oppo K9 are as follows: 90hz OLED electric competition screen arranged with 6.43 inch diamonds, fingerprint unlocking under the sixth generation screen, 172g light and thin body, 64 megapixel super sensing three camera system, and only 172g light and thin body.


Oppo intelligent TV K9 series, supports hdr10+ film level painting quality certification, wide color domain 4K metal full screen, dobby sound effect 30W speaker. Oppo enco air wireless headset is designed with translucent jelly bin, which can play music for 24 hours, and can be used for 8 hours after charging for 10 minutes. It adopts Bluetooth 5.2 standard with low delay and double transmission, supports the functions of open cover flash connection, IPx4 life waterproof, look for and prevent loss, and is the first TWS wireless headset with high performance and low delay certification of Rhine in Germany.


  1. Cigarette lighter does not need to fight. Beisi introduces 120W expansion port car charger


Compared with the traditional car charger, the bezi 120W expansion port provides an additional cigarette lighter expansion port. Other cigarette lighter equipment can also be used when using vehicle charging. The output power of cigarette lighter is 60W, the output power of two USB ports is 30W + 30W, and the total output power is 120W.

  1. Long range extremely fast return, Canon launched lithium flash speedlite el-1

Canon has launched a number of speedlite flash lights, including 600ex ii-rt, 470ex-ai, 430EX iii-rt and other models for different occasions. The el-1 flash launched this time is a new generation of Canon professional flash, the biggest difference is to use lithium battery as the power supply source. Speedlite el-1 flash size is approximately 84.4 × one hundred and forty-nine × 136.4mm, without battery weight of about 572 g, lamp head can be rotated up 120 °、 Down 7 ° 180 left / right ° The flash index reached gn60.

  1. Focus on e-commerce explosion, and Xerox launches USB 4 gen3 cable

The USB4 Gen 3 cable length of 0.8m was announced and passed the certification on the USB official website on March 24, 2021. With the accumulated experience of coaxial processing and high-frequency high-speed process control and certification product testing, all the projects passed smoothly in GRL laboratory and obtained tid:5342 in one time.


  1. Today's explosion: Chuangyuan launched a 20-120w full range PD fast charging charger

The 20W s Mini USB PD charger introduced by Chuangfu source has obtained CCC certificate issued by iec62368-1 and CQC, which means that it has obtained the domestic market sales qualification. In addition, overseas safety regulations have been certified by CE and FCC. The latest 20W s Mini USB PD charger of Chuangyuan is small square, and the shell is made of white / Black PC flame retardant material. It is equipped with national standard fixed pin as standard, and can also choose American and European standards.

Chuangfu 20W Mini charger is divided into a + C interfaces, which can meet the requirements of charging two devices at the same time. Although its appearance is small, it can be used for folding foot design and convenient to use and carry. The version size with folding pin is only 36.9 * 32.5 * 34mm. Usb-c output supports 5v3a/9v2.22a/10v2.25a/12v1.67a; Usb-a output supports 5v3a/9v2a/12v1.5a; The output of two ports supports 5v3a at the same time.


Chuangfu source has launched a number of PD chargers for the USB PD market, and the power section covers mobile phones, tablets, headphones, intelligent wearable devices, etc. All products support global voltage, multiple foldable pin designs, and other regions have corresponding pin styles to choose from.


  1. Today's popular: Jiayu launched popular 20W PD fast charging and 65W Gan fast charging


This time, Jiayu electronics has launched a series of quick charging accessories, including 20W mini charge, 20W Mini a+c fast charging, 65W silicon carbide 2c1a quick charging, 24W aluminum alloy metal vehicle charging, covering various use occasions such as home, vehicle and out of door use.

Disassembly Report

  1. Disassembly report: realme 50W Mini flash charging Gan charger

The real 50W Mini flash Gan charger is white, smooth, compact and flat, and has foldable pins, high overall appearance, good hand experience and portability. In terms of performance, it supports vooc/dash/warp, supervooc private fast charging protocol, QC, pd3.0 universal fast charging protocol, and has 3.3-11v3a PPS voltage range. Not only can meet the real, oppo and a brand mobile phone fast charging, but also have good compatibility with other brands of mobile phones, which gives the reason for passers-by to start this product.


The charging head network is understood through disassembly, and the charger has built-in aviation clamp diode, custom integrated inductor, patch capacitor, plane transformer and other devices. Ti ucc28782a and Ansenmei driver are used on the primary side of the charger to control the power chip of nano ganfast Gan. The secondary part adopts MPs mp6908a and Infineon MOS to make synchronous rectification, and the output voltage is controlled by the Li Li protocol chip. The input and output filter is carried out by using high voltage MLCC and tantalum based capacitor. In general, it is similar to oppo's 50W Gan charger.


  1. Disassembly report: joyroam machine music hall 30W 1a1c fast charging charger


The charger is designed with small square column, simple body, and is equipped with the popular 1a1c interface. It supports many mainstream fast charging protocols such as QC, AFC, FCP, SCP, PD and PPS. In addition, it also has 3.3-11v2.5a PPS voltage range, and has good overall compatibility, which meets the fast charging requirements of Huawei 22.5w, iPhone 12 series 20W fast charging, Samsung 25W fast charging, and flat panel and other equipment.


It is found that PCBA module is welded into L-type structure by combining two circuit boards, and capacitor transformer is glued and reinforced. The input end is equipped with insulating isolation board. The charger switch power supply is composed of high integrated master control chip of schland micro sdh8666q, and maorui core mk91808 synchronous rectifier controller and valley peak rectifier. The output end adopts the cloud silicon semiconductor xpd738 to control the output voltage of two ports. In addition, the input and output filtering of Yongming small PD fast charging capacitor is adopted.


  1. Disassembly report: Lenovo Lenovo 65W PD fast charging charger comfort


iPhone 12 charger

Lenovo is a very simple charger with a white case, Lenovo brand and 65W power on the waist, and a fixed pin on the input. The performance supports qc3.0, qc4+, pd3.0 and PPS fast charging protocol, and has voltage ranges of 5v3a, 9v3a, 15v3a, 20v3.25a, 5-20v3.25a, which meet the requirements of fast charging of pen and mobile phones.

 Apple Charger Cable

The charging head network is understood through disassembly that the PCBA module of charger is very simple and hierarchical. Ansenmei ncp1342 is used in combination with ipl60r185c7 high voltage MOS of Infineon, and MPs mp6908 is combined with the synchronous rectifier of Ansenmei fdms86181 to form a switching power supply, and the output voltage is controlled by the core chip of Tongjia ld6612qm protocol. One Aihua high capacity capacitor is used for input filtering and two solid-state capacitors for output filtering. The overall material is also very solid.