Want to buy an apple fast charging head, idle fish inside the second-hand charging head is so cheap, can you buy it?

Can't buy it!! Half a year ago, I bought a charger set on Xianyu. The merchant said it was the official charger of Xiaomi 9. I was going to buy it to supply power to the wireless charger. After receiving the goods, I tried it with MI 10pro. It really showed the sign of Xiaomi super fast charging. I believed it. I thought I had picked it up. Until today, boring with three meters charging line test power( As we all know, the longer the wire, the greater the resistance.)

Materials: Xiaomi 10pro, a 3-meter charging wire, original Hongmi k30ultra charger, Xianyu's 27W Xiaomi 9 charger

Ha62010p207886j100p00000 (two dimensional code automatic identification)

On the left is the leisure fish charger, and on the right is the original Hongmi k30u charger. As you can see, Hongmi k30u charger has only one more 11v3a output and the highest 33W output than Xianyu 27W charger. The others are the same.

The first is the k30u charger. You can see that it only shows fast charging after being plugged in.

After plug in the 27W charger, the free fish charger will display the prompt of super fast charging of millet, and then use the original head of meter 10pro, and only the quick charging can be displayed

Conclusion: store changed the charge head data!

Only one case is to buy a second-hand charging head in idle fish, and other cases do not recommend buying second-hand ones.

First, that kind of situation can be considered in idle fish to buy second-hand.

1、 Only when you have to buy Apple original, you can consider buying second-hand fish and other things. But don't buy it by the old hand. The probability of being cheated is very high

I bought three 29w Apple charging heads and two usb-c to lightning wires in idle fish. Some of the transaction records are shown in the following figure.

The charger Apple officially sells ¥ 384. If the line is more expensive (C2C line), it is more expensive, but the price difference of this kind of product will be significant on the free fish. Therefore, it is necessary to consider buying free fish, but there will be a lot of attention to avoid being cheated.

But now you can also consider a lot of 10 billion subsidies, and the price of the 10 billion subsidies is not much lower than the price of the idle fish.

If you have to spare fish, give you some advice:

There are many fake goods selling Apple charging heads on idle fish, which are called machine dismantling, smuggling and second-hand ones, but most of them are fake

Remember to look at the number of transactions of the seller first, and the number of times is basically a dealer

If all the things sold by the seller are electronic products, they are basically liars or professional sellers (the rate is fake charging head). Where does a common person have so many used electronic products

If sesame credit is low, don't buy it

Well, this guy has few trading records, or everything else (like clothes, etc.), and then only one or two are electronic products, and it's a good thing

However, overall, at present, I personally do not recommend buying idle fish. It is better to buy more than 10 billion subsidies. Remember that it is 10 billion subsidies. If you are not a million subsidies, you will see a bunch of original apple charging heads, but the charging heads with extremely low price can not be original ones.

If you are willing to take a risk in leisure fish, the risk of multi billion subsidies is much lower than that of idle fish, which is really worth trying.

If you really don't want to use a lot of it, Apple's 20W fast charging head is still acceptable compared with the previous price, and ¥ 149 is not a big risk.

2、 It's not original, and it's not necessary to buy second-hand fish

Look at the following charging heads, millet, purple rice is also ¥ 39, Beijing East Beijing also 35, Anker expensive, these 30 things really worth to go to leisure fish to buy second-hand? Real personal second-hand, express delivery fee to you estimated to be more than 10 yuan.

So, in terms of Apple fast filling this commodity, I personally don't recommend buying second-hand fish in idle fish, with a risk far higher than income.

Of course, Apple's original accessories (such as adapter) sometimes have some cheap opportunities in idle fish. But if you don't understand, the probability of taking it is too high, because the same thing Apple products are expensive to sell, high profits from selling fake goods and benefits drive everything. Compared with the daily fish in idle fish to think of various ways to deceive your old bird, ordinary consumers are a younger brother.