User guide for car charger

With the popularity of smart phones, people find that the power of mobile phones is more and more insufficient, so people invented car charger to solve the inconvenience. Although the car charger is greatly convenient for people to use the mobile phone demand, but if used improperly, it will also cause big problems. So how to use the car charger? What should we pay attention to when using?
1、 Principle of car charger

Car charger is essentially a voltage converter, it works by converting 12V voltage of car cigarette lighter socket into 5V USB voltage. Plug the car charger into the car lighter, and then connect the device to be charged. Generally speaking, the power consumption of car charger is small, and it is simple, convenient and cheap. It is a good helper for people to go out to charge.

2、 Installation and use of vehicle charger

If you want to charge your mobile phone or tablet computer with a car charger, you must know how to use it in advance. Although this little thing looks simple, we still have a lot to pay attention to when using it, otherwise it may cause big problems if it is not used properly. About the car charger installation and use rules, let's have a good study!

How to install the car charger:
1. First of all, we need to find the car's cigarette lighter, usually one in the cab and one in the trunk. Then we plug the USB power adapter of the car charger into the cigarette lighter. When we hear a click, the indicator light lights up, indicating that it is already working. Although it may be a bit wordy, Xiaobian still needs to say one more thing. The car can't be recharged until it's started~

2. Before using, make sure that the power consumption specification of electronic products is suitable for the car charger you purchased, otherwise it will cause overload. How to use the car charger:

1. Plug in the plug of USB Car Charger on the car lighter and output DC voltage through standard USB interface.
2. The electronic design parameters such as voltage and current fully comply with the PDA mobile phone standard to ensure that the electronic products will not be damaged.
3. Connect USB cable to power and charge MP3 / MP4, mobile phone, small speaker, Bluetooth, PSP and other electronic products.
3、 Precautions for use
1. When the vehicle is off, it can not be charged, because the car charger uses the power of the car battery;

2. When the vehicle is ignited and started, it will generate instantaneous large current. At this time, charging should be avoided to avoid the harm of the generated large current to electronic equipment;

3. In the process of using, we should try our best to reduce charging multiple devices at the same time and avoid charging high-power devices as much as possible;

4. Recharge after starting. Pay attention to plug in the device to recharge after the engine starts. When the ignition voltage is low, it will affect the charging effect, even damage the car charger.
5. When the air humidity is high, avoid using on-board charger, such as thunderstorm weather, or when the air humidity in the car is high after washing the car, so as to avoid corrosion of its components;
6. Pull out the plug in time.

4、 What should we pay attention to when buying car charger

1. Ensure safety: when choosing car charger, consumers should know whether the flame retardancy of car charger shell meets the standard and whether it has over-current protection device. Generally speaking, the smaller car charger is likely not installed with over-current protection. Try not to buy this type.

2. Choose a well-known brand: electronic products or to major brand products as the first consideration to buy options. Consumers in the purchase of car charger should try to choose well-known brands, regular manufacturers of products, although the price will be relatively higher, but the quality will be more secure.

3. Don't blindly pursue high current: when the current is too large or the interface is too much, there may be more faults and dangerous situations. Therefore, when buying a car charger, it's better not blindly pursue high current, multi interface and charging speed. In addition, the current market of some car charging also exists voltage and current virtual standard situation, we must pay attention to the purchase and use.

4. Don't buy Sanwu products: don't buy too low price products, and don't buy or use Sanwu products. Make sure whether the outer packaging of products is printed with information such as production standard, factory name and address.

We only use the car charger correctly, the service life of the products is longer, especially the electronic products. Therefore, for the sake of safety, we must purchase regular brands and genuine products. Inferior products are prone to safety hazards. In addition, when using, we must follow the correct method to operate.