[unpacking] Mini aohi 30W charging head, this is what a charger should look like

Now there are more and more devices that need to be recharged. I don't know if there are as many chargers at home as I do. Of course, the figure is just the tip of the iceberg. I have eliminated many chargers before, and many of them can't be found in any corner. If you have so many chargers, you will know that the power of many chargers is far behind, Even apple has begun to support all kinds of high-power chargers. The iPad pro and MAC book are powered by the C-Port! But the volume of high-power charging head is also growing

So this time we are going to unpack a small but powerful charging head: aohi magcube 30W charging head


Maybe many people haven't heard of aohi. It's a self owned intelligent brand of Aohai technology, which is a listed technology company. It is the core manufacturer of original chargers for many international brands of mobile phones and the world's leading provider of intelligent portable products

The outer package is also small, not much higher than the bear in Starbucks next to me. The overall packaging is a black and white color, the upper left corner is the logo of aohi brand. There is a real picture of the charging head in the middle. Below is the model and power of the charging head


Here are the parameters of the product on the back. It supports the charging of most devices on the market. I will test the charging of Apple's iPad pro and MacBook Pro in a moment.

After opening the package, there is a manual for charging and no one to read, a warranty card and a yellow card with a question mark written on it. I don't know what it means

The charging head adopts a black frosting treatment. Only one side has the logo of charging head. Right above the charging head is a three-dimensional micro carved diamond pattern design, which is very textural to the touch and look. And the charging head has been rounded around, and the feel is very good.

The charging port is a type-C interface, and the outer ring is made of metal, which not only looks more textural, but also plays a protective role and is more plug-in resistant.

Opposite the charging port is the charging indicator

It's a yellow breath when it's charging

It will turn into a bright blue when charging normally

In the low current and standby time, the indicator will become a green light. Charging head in what kind of working state directly at a glance.

The weight of this charging head is 40g. It's still very heavy in hand. It doesn't feel cheap because of its smaller size. The volume of the whole charger is similar to Apple's 5 Fu 1 an, but the 30W on the top of the charger can clearly see that its charging efficiency is six times that of Apple's charger. Even more than the big chargers below!

Next, I will simply and rudely test the charging efficiency of this charger. Using this charger to charge the iPad Pro 12.9 inch, I charged 5% of the power in 5 minutes. Then I replaced the original charger of apple, which only charged 3% of the power in 5 minutes. Charging efficiency is nearly half as fast


Apple phones and airpods are no exception. When the mobile phone is charged, it will also match the fast charging mode. When the headset is charged, it will be reduced to the normal charging mode.

Finally, test how this charging head supports the charging of MAC book. The volume difference between this charging head and the original one is almost four times.

After the plug-in, the charging head is in a yellow fast charging state, charging 1% of the power in 3 minutes. It's hard to imagine that such a small charging head can actually charge a laptop, and the speed is not slow. When you go out to work, you don't need to bring the original brick.

Because the volume of the previous charging head on my usual socket is too large, I can only insert two charging heads. Now with this charger, I can even plug in four. You can even add another charger if you like.


Although the current battery technology has not been a big breakthrough, the research results of major manufacturers on the charging speed are very obvious. From the previous 10 w to the current maximum 120 W fast charging, the volume of the charging head is getting smaller and smaller, and the supporting equipment is almost comprehensive. The charging head of electronic products supporting C port will be a major trend. Apple also lowered his head!

Aohi's 30W charging head is undoubtedly in the forefront, with a very small volume to make such a large power. It can leave more space on the plug-in board to access other electrical equipment. Once it is used, it is difficult to use large bricks.