Understanding of nitriding charger

What is the nitriding charger??

As we all know, the basic material of most industries is silicon. From the perspective of electronic industry, silicon is a very important material. However, as the silicon limit is gradually approaching, the development of silicon has basically reached a bottleneck. Many industries have begun to look for more suitable alternatives, and gallium nitride has entered people's eyes. (semiconductor materials gallium nitride and silicon carbide)
So what is gallium nitride? In short, gallium nitride (GAN) is a kind of semiconductor material composed of nitrogen and gallium. Because its band gap is greater than 2.2ev, it is also called wide band gap semiconductor material. Together with silicon carbide (SIC) and other materials, it is called the third generation semiconductor material.

Gan is known as the third generation semiconductor core material. Compared with silicon, Gan charger has smaller volume and better heat dissipation at the same power, which makes it easy to achieve low power and high power. The wide band gap also means that Gan can withstand higher voltage and have better conductivity than silicon. In short, Gan is much more efficient than Si in the same volume. If gallium nitride replaces all current electronic devices, it may reduce the power consumption of electronic products by another 10% or 25%.
Small volume and high power
[GaN has higher voltage and better conductivity than Si]
This means that when the size of the charging head made of GaN material is about 5W as that of apple, Gan is stronger. We all know the charging efficiency achieved by Apple's 5W charging head. In the future, new materials are expected to change this situation after large-scale production. At the application level, notebook computers can also use small chargers now. Obviously, gallium nitride is the substitute we are looking for.

Future of Gan chargers

At present, Gan chargers are still in the stage of rapid development. While major manufacturers are trying new product forms and new designs, they are also facing problems such as heat dissipation, workmanship, multi protocol support and so on. And because the current price of gallium nitride materials remains high, the price of gallium nitride chargers has been unable to break through the 100 yuan mark.

However, we believe that with the growing desire of users for small volume, high power and fast charging chargers, and the entry of more manufacturers, especially a number of mobile phone manufacturers, Gan chargers will soon become mature and bring consumers "high quality and low price" products.