True and false Monkey King, high imitation of Apple 18W PD charger

Apple has always been synonymous with high-end quality. There are quite a lot of apple powder users. Therefore, in order to make profits, a lot of fake Apple accessories have been derived. The charging head network has disassembled two high imitation Apple 18W PD chargers before, which are serial number version and non serial number version. Today, I will continue to share with you the dismantling of the third high imitation Apple 18W USB PD charger a1695 (Yada version). Let's take a look at the difference between the counterfeit and the genuine in the materials.

The charging head network has been disassembled before. Apple original 18W USB PD fast charging charger (Flextronics version) and apple 18W USB PD charger (Yada version) are two genuine chargers. You can have a look and compare them.

1、 High imitation Apple 18W PD charger appearance this charger uses PC pure white shell, the surface is piano baking paint treatment, the side is smooth arc transition, the appearance looks like apple original charger is not different.

The input end adopts fixed international standard pin.

The detailed specification and parameter name is printed on the shell of charger pin side: power adapter model: a1695 input: 100-240v~ 50/60hz 0.5A output: 5v/3a or 9v/2a manufacturer: EMC 3284sn:c3d9155a0i0h1p9a2 product has passed 3C certification and VI level effective certification. The font on the charger looks like it is not correct.

The output end adopts gray panel, and the center is equipped with a usb-c interface, and the middle interface is slightly biased.

The charger thickness is the same as the diameter of a dollar coin.

The net weight is about 61G.

The output protocol of usb-c interface is detected by using chargerlab power-z kt001, and only USB DCP charging protocol is supported.

In addition, the PDO message shows that usb-c interface also supports USB pd2.0 fast charging standard, and has two voltage ranges of 5v/3a and 9v/2a.
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Serial number is the unique feature of Apple original usb-c charger, which can be used to judge the authenticity of the charger. The small edition uses the chargerlab power-z mf001 tester to read the charger for serial number reading. The manufacturer is apple, serial number: c3d9155a0i0h1p9a2, which is consistent with the information on the charger nameplate.

At the same time, we use MacBook to view the information of the charging head, and the serial number is the same as c3d9155a0i0h1p9a2.

2、 Disassembly of 18W PD charger for Apple

Apple original charger has always been very difficult to dismantle, although this charger is high imitation, also let small compilation cost a lot of effort.

Take out PCB board, one side of transformer is covered with black insulating tape, and white silica gel is injected on other side and components nearby for fixing.

A black plastic board is attached to the back of PCB board. Glue is injected on the board corresponding to the main heating chip to help heat conduction.
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Let's look at the information of each chip on the back of the PCB.

From Shenzhen Wald Industrial Co., Ltd. input rectifier bridge wrabs210. The soft bridge can reduce the diode junction capacitance and achieve very little harmonic oscillation by using the soft recovery curve and smooth off characteristics.

Usb-c interface base is reinforced by metal shell and stamped with steel seal information.
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All the disassembly is over. Let's take care of the family.

Summary of dismantling charging head net

First, the design and manufacture of the fuselage shell, this charger has achieved 1:1 reduction, the appearance is highly similar; Secondly, the voltage output gear is consistent with apple original 18W; Finally, the charger also supports Apple serial number detection. Therefore, it is difficult for ordinary users to distinguish the truth and the false.

After the disassembly of the charging head network, it is found that the internal design and manufacture of the charging head network are imitating the original version as much as possible, such as the plastic board at the input end, the common mode inductance wound by two color wire core, the transverse and wrapping glue of the capacitance, the transformer printed with Sumida and the usb-c interface base design of the output end, which can be achieved by false and true. But through detailed disassembly, it is found that the use of cylindrical white fuse, dp2367 chip of Depp micro, honcdz brand electrolytic capacitor and grinding protocol chip make it appear in the original shape. In general, this is the most realistic one of the high imitation 18W chargers which are disassembled by the charging head network.