[trouble making] Xiaomi's 39 yuan charger is available, 20W can be adapted to iPhone 12 series

Make complaints about the iPhone 12 series, not only the iPhone 12 series 4 iPhone, but also other "iPhone" which are still on sale, also reduced the packaging box, cancelling the attached headset and wired earphone, even sending the data line or C to lighting, and the A plug charger of the old iPhone user's home is not concurrently, this also has attracted many Tucao.

At the same time, there are two headache points for those who buy Apple's iPhone now. One is that old users don't want to use the former 5v1a 🐢 Second, new users don't need a charger. What kind of charger should I use? What about the official 20W charger? All kinds of third parties have launched chargers that can also be used in the main iPhone 12 series. Unexpectedly, Xiaomi has also launched one.

As can be seen from the above figure, Xiaomi recently launched a 20W charging head, which is the C-Port. In addition to its own redmi 9, the official also said that it can be used for iPhone 12 series, iPad and other devices. The official also said that it can charge 45% of the power for iPhone 11 in 30 minutes, which is 50% faster than the ordinary 5W charger. The price is 39 yuan. At present, an appointment has been made and will be officially put on sale on November 3.