Trial report of mophie a to l data cable

Nowadays, the rapid charging of mobile phones has accelerated the popularization and development of CTC line and CTL line. Mophie, a brand product of mophie, has never been used before and is rarely heard of. It is popular on the Internet: mophie is a company in the United States that specially designs protective cover, back cover power supply, mobile power supply and other accessories for iPhone and iPad. Mophie focuses on the ecosystem development of wireless charging solutions. It is a well-known designer and manufacturer of mobile intelligent devices and accessories, and is famous for creative design and innovative solutions. Many products are also on sale in Apple's global Apple store stores and Apple's official website. Since it can keep pace with Apple's original products, it can be seen that the quality and materials used are not general. First of all, thank the charging head network and dealers for giving me the honor to make a detailed evaluation on today's 3m certified MIF charging line.

Appearance display:


(1) Package: the overall black package shows the appearance of the product on the front and the characteristics of the product on the back, emphasizing the tensile heavy structure at the tail of the wire, the reinforced core inside the wire, the durable braided wire outside the wire, and the FMI certification Peugeot at the lower left corner.

Positive display

Back display


(2) Product: all black wire, 3M long, whether there is loss of current and voltage depends on the later test. The diameter is about 4.8 mm, which is different from all the existing braided wires. The outer layer of the wire is reinforced, and the braided wire feels like a metal texture. After bending, it has a great rebound force. Compared with ordinary wire, it has more toughness, stronger tensile resistance and wear resistance. Both ends of C port and l port are integrated with silicone rubber to prevent falling and pressure.

2 Instrument test


(1) Product test: MIF certification C48 head

(2) Charging test: actual charging test


The charging test of iPad air2 starts the apple 2.4a protocol. Charge up to 12W + for iPhone XR and start apple 2.4a protocol.

The internal resistance of wire rod was measured by pressure drop method.


3 Summary


The biggest feature of this USB lightning braided yarn is the unusual length on the market, and the different outer material from other brands of braided yarn, which makes the data cable have great advantages in tensile strength or service life. There is no attenuation of voltage and current at the length of 3 meters. The product's line diameter, workmanship and materials make it feel better. It is also more compatible with old apple products.