Travel essential, the light experience of taixun 65W Gan charger

As a non professional travel enthusiast, when choosing a fast charging conversion appliance, in addition to charging power and efficiency, it is also workmanship and safety. After all, when charging smart phones, tablets and laptops, you still have to consider the safety requirements of the device. What's special about taixun 65W Gan charger? In terms of accessories for smart devices, rechargeable batteries are the most experienced products at present. Based on the simple design, the packaging of this Tyson 65W Gan charger improves the convenience of portability, which can be easily held or carried in the bag. In the inner packaging, in addition to the logo, the front of the charger is very fresh, firmly placed in a white mold, and the transportation is very firm. The size is 51x51x29mm, which is 30% smaller than that of traditional charger products.


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In terms of output, it supports usb-a and usb-c ports. The maximum output of usb-a is 5v-2.4a, usb-c output is qc2.0/3.0: 5v-3a, 9v-3a and 12v-3a, PD: 5v-2.4a, 9v-3a, 15v-3a and 20v-2.24a. The simple understanding behind the parameters is that the compatibility is better and the universality is stronger. The fast charging protocols of mainstream smart devices support it. The plug of taixun 65W Gan charger adopts the concealed integrated design, and the charger is marked with the detailed description of the support. When using, it will have a very clear description, which is easy to identify. As a small digital blogger, he supports the so-called "environmental protection and spare parts reduction" approach, which is slightly less beneficial to consumers, and will gradually be accepted by more people. Compared with the ordinary single port charger, Tyson 65W Gan charger has improved the thermal conductivity efficiency, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance and other characteristics in the selection of Gan materials, and has unique advantages in terms of charging efficiency. And avoid the risk of scratch in the aspect of travel carrying. user's experience

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In addition to the charging of smart devices, it is also compatible with the charging of sports camera equipment, and the dual port design can charge two devices at the same time. In terms of indicator light, the small blue light will flicker and change according to the charging process. According to the official introduction, there are multiple safety functions in the charging process, such as over-voltage protection, over-current protection, over power protection, over discharge protection, short circuit protection and recovery protection. It has the characteristics of small volume and low heating, so it can be used safely in daily use. summary


Taixun 65W gallium nitride charger is the first fast charging device for personal experience. Compared with the original charger, this device has the advantages of smaller volume and better versatility. It supports dual port charging at the same time, providing a better choice for many devices to be charged. When I travel, I only bring a taixun 65W gallium nitride charger, and I don't worry about the problem of fast power failure any more. Note: when there is no major breakthrough in the battery technology of intelligent devices, the endurance capacity becomes the bottleneck of using time. The wired fast charging with gallium nitride technology can make use of the fragmentation time to quickly replenish the power and improve the endurance.

According to the data of strategy analytics, Apple's airpods series will sell 60 million units in 2019, accounting for more than half of the market share of TWS Bluetooth headset. It's not hard to imagine that after the iPhone 12 series cancels the headphones, it will definitely stimulate the sales of the airpods series. More importantly, the profits of the airpods series are relatively high.


Objectively speaking, after the iPhone 12 series cancels chargers and headphones, consumers have to buy a charger or data cable, and headphones or airpods are also necessary accessories. So, it's really more environmentally friendly for apple to cancel chargers and headphones, but Apple also makes more money.