Top 10 factors affecting data cable cost

 In my daily work, a very important part of the work is to discuss the price with the guests. Today, we'll dig into the factors that affect the cost of data cable, and summarize the following 10 items. The reading time is about 4 minutes.

1 Material

Data cable is usually divided into injection molding line and braided line according to material.

The material of injection molding line body mainly includes PVC and TPE.

PVC data cable is often cheap, but hard to handle. This kind of line is usually used with simple packaging for sales promotion or machine matching. Most of the original lines for mobile phones on the market are PVC injection molding lines, which are simple, cheap and easy to use.

The data cable made of TPE material has soft handle and good elasticity. Its price is slightly higher than that of PVC, but it is cheaper than most braided wires. The appearance of TPE body is also more diversified, so SDL / ice-bingo has also produced a number of TPE body data cables with hardware shell, the price of which is similar to that of braided wire.


There are a lot of materials involved in knitting thread. The main materials used by SDL / ice-bingo are nylon knitting, cotton knitting and metal tube. Nylon weaving is relatively cheap, cotton weaving the most styles, and metal tube price is more expensive, suitable for small market.

Braided wire is usually used with aluminum or zinc alloy shell. Aluminum alloy is lighter and cheaper than zinc alloy. Therefore, most of the braided wires produced by SDL / ice-bingo are matched with aluminum alloy head, which is mainly cost-effective. Zinc alloy wire looks more advanced in appearance, feels better and is more wear-resistant, but the price is higher than aluminum alloy. Some customers who make gifts prefer zinc alloy wire.

2 Function

The data transmission speed of USB2.0, 3.0 and 3.1 data cables varies greatly. The core structure is completely different and the price varies greatly.

All data cables of SDL / ice-bingo can be customized with C-C, c-lightning and c-micro, and the customized version can be calculated according to the specific requirements of customers.

Is Pd supported

Is OTG supporter

The output end is one for three and one for two. Does it support data transmission

3 Length


The length of a data cable is determined by the length of its copper wire. Length is a very intuitive price factor for customers. The longer the length, the higher the price. In addition, the longer the length, the greater the line resistance and the smaller the current. At present, the mainstream length of data cable is 1m. If the customized length exceeds 2m, more copper wires should be added to increase the current. Whether it is lengthening or adding more copper wire, it will increase the cost, which is the place that customers need to consider carefully. Of course, if the length is less than 1m, the cost will be reduced accordingly.

4 Copper wire

(1) Quality of copper wire

The service life of a data cable largely depends on the quality of its copper wire.

Copper with magazines

In order to reduce the manufacturing cost, some data cable manufacturers will use copper wires with impurities, such as copper-clad steel, copper-clad aluminum, that is, plating a layer of copper on the surface of steel or aluminum. This kind of wire core has poor conductivity and short service life. The data cable made of this kind of copper wire may have functional problems after users use it for one or two months, such as no charging and no data transmission.

Pure copper

SDL / ice-bingo data cable copper wire unified use of national standard copper, that is, pure copper in line with national standards. National standard copper red copper has very good conductivity, ductility, soft feel. No matter OEM & ODM customers or brand customers, the data cable with this copper wire is the best choice in terms of quality and price.

Enameled copper & tinned copper

SDL / ice-bingo will also customize enameled copper or tinned copper data cables according to the requirements of some customers. Enamelled copper and tinned copper have stronger oxidation resistance. The difference is that the wire core of enamelled copper will be softer, while the wire core of tinned copper will feel harder, but it has stronger conductivity. Of course, the cost of these two kinds of copper wires will be higher. If the customer is in the high-end market, these two kinds of cores can be considered.

MFI core

MFI cable core has more complex standards, and its price is several times of that of ordinary data cable. I won't talk about it here. In the future, there will be articles specifically for MFI data cable. Please pay attention to them.

(2) Quantity and diameter of copper wire

The number and diameter of copper wires and the length mentioned above directly affect the load capacity of a data cable.

The common copper wire diameters of SDL / ice-bingo are 0.08mm, 0.12mm and 0.16mm. For example, the copper wire configuration of ordinary 2A data cable is generally 100 0.08mm charging copper wires + 24 0.08 data copper wires, and the copper wire configuration of 3A data cable is generally 80 0.12mm charging copper wires + 14 0.12 data copper wires. The thicker the copper wire, the more the quantity and the higher the price.

5 Quality of terminals


Common terminals of data cable are: usb-a terminal, micro terminal, usb-c terminal, apple head terminal

Take apple head terminal as an example (this article does not talk about MFI terminals authorized by apple, and the corresponding articles will be published later). The stability of cracked terminals from different manufacturers is inconsistent, the MOS tube voltage withstand and internal resistance specifications are inconsistent, and the price and quality are also different. SDL / ice-bingo's apple heads are all made of yuanai 6-Piece terminals. Compared with the 5-piece terminals used by many manufacturers, yuanai 6-Piece terminals have the functions of anti-static and anti surge, which can effectively protect users' mobile phones.

6 Quantity

Purchasing quantity directly affects purchasing cost, which is an iron law applicable to all commodities.

For manufacturers, the order quantity is directly related to the purchase quantity of raw materials. For OEM & ODM orders, the larger the quantity, the lower the purchase cost, so it can also provide customers with more competitive prices

In terms of labor cost, the larger the number of orders, the longer the continuous working time of workers in each pull position, the more repeated operations, the more skillful the action, and the faster the speed, which will reduce the working hours and save the labor cost. The reduced labor costs are directly returned to customers in the way of cost reduction.

Quantity also directly affects the price of packaging. OEM & ODM customers must be very clear about this. Therefore, for customers with small orders, I often suggest that customers do more packaging. We keep the remaining packaging for customers and wait for customers to place orders. This can help customers greatly reduce the cost of packaging manufacturing.

7 Packing method

More than 90% of OEM & ODM customers will require each line to be packaged independently. After the data cable production is completed, the factory needs to pack each line according to the customer's requirements. According to the customer's packing method and the difficulty of binding, the factory will add the corresponding labor cost to the quotation of data cable packing, usually ranging from 0.1 to 0.3rmb. If it is a very simple packaging method, we will provide this part of the service for customers free of charge. If it is a very complex packaging method, we will also increase the labor cost appropriately.

About packaging design and price, SDL / ice-bingo will also launch corresponding articles to facilitate customers to choose the packaging method suitable for their product positioning.

8 Material and thickness of metal coating

Whether the surface treatment of USB male and output terminal is nickel plating or gold plating and the coating thickness directly affect the conductivity and salt spray test results. The surface treatment of most terminals is nickel plating, and there are few customers with gold plating, because the price is relatively high, but its conductivity is better, charging is faster, and the appearance is more high-grade. If the thickness of the coating is too thin, it will not pass the 48 hour salt spray test. The SDL / ice-bingo line must pass the 48 hour salt spray test, otherwise it will be treated as unqualified.

9 Testing

Usually, the data cable will go through semi-finished product function test, finished product function test, finished product appearance test, salt spray test, plug test, gravity test, swing test, etc.

Every test means a cost, and the test time and standard also directly affect the cost.

10 Process

Logo process

OEM & ODM customers usually print their own logo on both ends of the data cable. The most common logo processes are laser carving and silk printing.

Radium carving

Radium carving process is generally used on aluminum alloy head and zinc alloy head, and its cost is usually 0.1 RMB per unit. There are also 0.05rmb/ piece on the market, but it will look rough, uneven color and have rough edges. This kind of inspection can not be carried out generally.

Silk screen printing

Silk printing process is generally used on plastic materials, and the cost is usually 0.15rmb per piece. In addition, screen printing will generate online printing fee. The online printing fee is usually 200rmb/ piece. As long as the number of customer orders is not too small, we will not charge the extra fees from customers. There are also 0.05rmb per screen printing on the market. Besides rough, uneven color and rough edges, it is also easy to fade.

Aluminum alloy highlights

High light makes the product look more high-grade, but one more high light also costs one more. A data cable can generally do two high-level lights for single head data, and 5-6 high-light can be done for one data cable after another. If the customer wants to reduce the cost, these high-light processes can be completely removed.

Aluminum alloy shell technology

The aluminum alloy shell process includes oxidation, sand blasting and painting, and SDL / ice-bingo usually adopts oxidation and sandblasting. The cost of painting process is high, and the customers need to customize.

Zinc alloy shell technology

Zinc alloy shell process includes electroplating, sandblasting, water plating, painting, vacuum plating, SDL / ice-bingo usually adopts electroplating, sandblasting and water plating. Painting and vacuum plating can be customized according to customer needs.