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Decathlon / Decathlon

Official flagship store

Decathlon brand logo

France / 1976

Praise rate: 91% brand popularity: excellent

Decathlon, founded in 1976 in France, is a French enterprise that produces and sells sporting goods all over the world. Decathlon, which ranks first in Europe, is not only a designer and producer of sporting goods, but also a retailer with 351 stores specializing in sporting goods. Known for its high quality and low price in the industry, it has always been a supplier of sportswear, equipment and various creative sports products, and a good place for beginners and professional athletes to buy sports equipment. Decathlon entered China in 2003, and up to now (February 2013), it has spread to nearly 60 shopping malls in 25 cities across the country. In addition to the chain operation of sporting goods, Auckland group, the parent company of decathlon, provides it with the support of the whole sports industry chain, provides a rich line of private brand products, and divides them into 20 different brands according to different sports categories

Decathlon cycling sun men's windbreak RR goggles

Decathlon cycling sun sunglasses for men and women

Decathlon color change anti fog eye protection windproof glasses riding glasses

Decathlon sport color changing cycling glasses

Giant / giant

Official flagship store

Brand logo of giante

Taiwan Province of China / 1972

Praise rate: 85%, brand popularity: excellent

Giante (China) Co., Ltd., established in 1972 in Taiwan, is a world-renowned bicycle brand. Under giant Machinery Industry Co., Ltd., it is one of the leading companies in global bicycle production and marketing.

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Topeak Sports

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Tuobu brand logo


Praise rate: brand popularity: better

Topeaksports / Tuobu is a brand of Kunshan Tuobu outdoor sports products Co., Ltd. in the past few years, the company has focused on every business and every detail, striving to provide every customer with the best quality and perfect service. At present, Tuobu's products cover outdoor sports glasses, outdoor sports glasses, color changing riding glasses, bicycle glasses, sports glasses, polarized riding glasses, sports glasses, myopia, riding glasses, running equipment, sports goggles, UV lenses, women's bicycles, transparent glasses, sports cars, children's spectacle frames, game glasses, mountaineering glasses, driving wheels, hyperopia glasses, bicycles and other industries.

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UVEX / youweisi

Official flagship store

Youweisi brand logo

Beijing, China / 2009

Praise rate: 88%, brand popularity: better

UVEX is one of the top ten international protective equipment manufacturers