To get rid of the turtle speed charging of iPhone, please accept this quick charging and quick charging data cable shopping guide

Recently, the charging speed of domestic android machines is getting faster and faster. Two days ago, Xiaomi said that Xiaomi 10 Pro supports 50W wired fast charging. Today, it was revealed that vivo will soon release 55W wired fast charging mobile phones, not to mention oppo Reno ace's 65W fast charging.

As an Apple user, xuebajun has a 5W charger in front of his 5v1a, not to mention the charging speed compared with other people's wired charging. Even using wired arging is several times slower than other people's wireless charging.


As an immature apple powder, xuebajun began to buy Apple's mobile phone from a long time ago. He thought Apple would give me some black technology and new surprises every year.


I didn't expect that in the past decade, the price of the iPhone has risen many times, but the charging head has always been universal.

Of course, Apple has its own fast charging, but I have to buy two or three hundred charging heads and one or two hundred charging wires. I can buy a thousand yuan machine with one set.

iPhone 12 charger cable

But xuebajun still loves the majority of students who use iPhone but can't use fast charging, so he often recommends some charging heads that support fast charging.

But in fact, to activate Apple's fast charging, we need not only the charging head, but also the charging cable. Today, xuebajun will teach you how to choose apple's fast charging data cable.

As we said yesterday, we should choose the one that supports PD protocol, and the output power of a single charging port should be more than 18W, and it is better to have USB type-C interface.


About the charger, xuebajun has recommended a lot in the past month. You can turn it forward if you want.

How to choose the charging wire?

Similar to the charging head, we need to make sure that it supports PD protocol fast charging.

Then we are looking for a USB type-C interface and a lightning interface, which is commonly known as C to l data cable.

In addition, there must be smart security chips supported by apple.

If not, the iPhone will pop up to tell you that it doesn't support this charging cable. I suggest you change it.

Some of the charging lines can't be used after the pop-up window, and some charging lines can continue to charge even though the pop-up window, which is actually very dangerous.

The purpose of Apple's chip is to let the data cable know more clearly how much power the mobile phone has and how much voltage and current it needs to charge to protect the mobile phone to the greatest extent.

If your phone doesn't last long and the battery doesn't last, one of the reasons may be that you use a data cable without an apple smart chip.

There are a lot of data cables that meet these conditions, but if I want to follow Bajun's recommendation, I will choose Pinsheng's apple fast charging data cable.

Pinsheng is a brand that doesn't want to learn from Bajun. From the time of Nokia to now, from batteries to various charging accessories, I believe most people have used Pinsheng's products more or less.


This fast charging cable meets all the standards xuebajun has just said. It is a C to l data cable supporting PD protocol and supports 18W fast charging.


Compared with the original 5v1a charger, the charging speed of 18W fast charger is nearly three times faster.

iPhone Charger Cable

At the same time, it also has the security chip mentioned by xuebajun, plus the thick copper core wire, both the transmission efficiency, charging speed and safety are more guaranteed.

 iPhone 12 charger cable

Moreover, Pinsheng's products will be replaced by repair service within one year, so the product quality is more guaranteed.