To further reduce costs, the iPhone 12 will not come with headphones and chargers

Last month, Samsung held a new product launch of galaxy. At that launch, Samsung launched its autumn flagship mobile phone, Galaxy note20, Galaxy Tab S7 tablet and the second generation folding screen mobile phone, Galaxy Z fold2.

After the press conference, some media revealed that the Samsung Galaxy note20 series mobile phones sold in the North American market will no longer come with a cable headset with type-C interface tuned by AKG, but you can contact Samsung customer service to ask for this cable headset, which is for the sake of cost saving and environmental protection. It's good for enterprises to stop giving headphones with mobile phones, but it's bad news for consumers. For those who want to know more about this matter, you can click the link to see the article at that time: Samsung no longer comes with headphones. The good news is that the mainland market will not change.

Samsung Galaxy S10 comes with accessories

No, Samsung is no longer the only company to cancel the attached headphones. Apple iPhone 12 has also been confirmed that it will no longer be attached with headphones, and even be stingy. Customers need to buy extra chargers themselves. With apple, Samsung is no longer alone.

It has been reported that iPhone 12 series phones may no longer come with earphones and chargers. Now the news has been "Stonehammer". According to Research Institute trendforce, Apple has decided not to come with chargers and wired earpods.

According to the news, the new iPhone 12 series mobile phone will support 5g network. Because the mobile phone will support 5g network, the cost of 5g chip baseband is naturally much higher than that of 4G baseband. The increase in cost will naturally lead to the increase in the price of mobile phone. But at present, apple is not willing to share the cost by increasing the price of mobile phone, On the contrary, it plans to reduce the cost of mobile phones by canceling the accessories such as "Wufu Yian" charging head and earpods headset that are attached to heirloom. At the same time, it is also reported that the iPhone 12 series mobile phone will support 20W fast charging. The price of the "Wufu Yian" charger on Apple's official website is 145 yuan, and the price of the higher level 18W charger is 243 yuan. In this case, the price of the 20W charger will only be more expensive. Once, it can be seen that a lot of money can be saved by canceling accessories such as chargers and earphones.

However, it is the ordinary consumers who will suffer from the cancellation of these accessories, and the manufacturers like apple will always benefit. Apple's approach seems to be a recurrence of the cancellation of the headphone hole on the iPhone 7.

In 2017, Apple released the iPhone 7 and announced to cancel the 3.5mm headphone hole on the iPhone 7. On the surface, the purpose of doing so is to make the phone more beautiful and more advanced, but the cancellation of the headphone hole brings another problem. If you want to listen to music with headphones when the mobile phone is out of power, you will find that there is only one jack on the mobile phone. If you plug in the headphones, you can't charge them. If you charge the headphones, you can't charge them at the same time. At the same press conference, airpods suddenly appeared, which seemed to be a clever solution to this problem. Later, airpods became the best-selling product in the headphone market. It's all planned marketing by apple. Now that the charging head is canceled, after the mobile phone is on sale, some people will still pay a high price to buy Apple's original charger, which will save costs and make money for Apple's charger.

Charger included with iPhone 11 Pro

For now, if you want to start the iPhone 12 for the first time, I'm afraid you need to prepare a charger to charge your mobile phone. Although the iPhone 12 can still use the traditional 5v1a charger, the 5W charging speed may be more urgent.

For now, the iPhone 12 needs to cancel not only the charger, but also the headset. Since Apple no longer comes with headphones, we'll buy them ourselves. Today we recommend three real wireless headphones.


Stroller TWS Nb2 gives people a refreshing feeling in the appearance design. The charging box is small and round, and the surface is covered by litchi peel. It feels delicate and smooth, and it is also very wear-resistant. The design of the charging box is very compact, which can be easily put into the pocket and carried with you. The earphone adopts oblique in ear design and is equipped with infrared light sensing monitoring. When the earphone is removed from the ear when the mobile phone is connected with Bluetooth, the music can be automatically suspended. The hybrid digital noise reduction technology adopted by TWS Nb2 can capture the noise more comprehensively through the linkage of feed-forward microphone and back feed microphone. The headset can provide up to 32 hours of integrated range.

Walkers TWS Nb2 is equipped with a 10mm large moving coil unit customized by walkers. The resolution of this headset is not bad, especially in the low and medium frequency part, guitar, bass and other instruments can also be clearly presented in the music. It's also a good choice to play games with this earphone in spare time. TWS Nb2, the rambler, specially optimizes the game experience. The official delay is as low as 80ms, bringing a more comfortable game experience. The earphone also supports IP54 dustproof and waterproof, which can effectively prevent the earphone from being damaged by floating, sinking and sweat.

JBL UA true Wireless Flash rock real wireless sports headset
Apple Charger Cable
The appearance design of this headset follows the line of sports style. The headset was launched in July 2019 by JBL and under armour, a well-known sports brand. The headset, which is designed by Hollywood star dawn Johnson, is said to bring a pleasant experience to the fitness lovers who love music all over the world, add strong music to sports, and make sports more exciting. This kind of earphone with feather type earplug cover highlights the tough man style. The overall weight of the earphone is very light, so it won't have too much burden in sports. This headset supports ipx7 level waterproof, effectively preventing sweat and rain damage to the headset.

JBL UA true Wireless Flash rock real wireless sports headset Jushi Johnson special edition adopts JBL specially optimized sports sound effect for sports scenes to meet your music needs in all kinds of daily sports. In addition, Jushi Johnson is also involved in the tuning of sound effects to further stimulate your sports potential with music. This headset also has stable transmission characteristics, stable connection between the headset and audio playback source. In terms of battery life, the battery life of a single headset can reach 5 hours, and the integrated battery life of 25 hours can be obtained when used with the charging chamber. The cool appearance design of this earphone is also the joint design of Jushi. This earphone must be their dish for straight men who love sports.

iPhone 12 charger

Sennheiser momentum truewiless2

Sennheiser's momentum true wireless2 doesn't use red and green or angular design style in appearance. On the contrary, the design concept of this earphone inherits the design concept of the previous generation of products, which is simple, refreshing, mellow and high-quality. The overall appearance design gives people a low-key and fashionable feeling. Sennheiser's momentum truewerless2 single headset has a 7-hour battery life, which can be used with a charging box to provide a 28 hour integrated battery life. In addition, this headset can also be used with app to unlock more functions.

Apple Charger Cable

Sennheiser's momentum truewerless2 also supports two Bluetooth high-definition coding formats apt X and AAC. The headset is equipped with a 7mm micro coil drive unit, and the tuning style continues Sennheiser's professional tuning. The tri band performance of this headset is very powerful. Without an equalizer, this headset has a clear transient response and excellent low-frequency diving. It has excellent performance for pop and rock. This headset also has the function of active noise reduction. The depth of noise reduction is very high, and the noise reduction performance is ahead of other products in the industry.