There's no charger in the iPhone 12 box, Guo said

Recently, Guo Mingxu, a famous analyst of Tianfeng international, said: in order to reduce costs, apple is expected to cancel the charger attached to the packaging box of iPhone 12. Meanwhile, the new iPhone se, which is now on the market, will also cancel the charger attached to the packaging box in the second half of 2020. And the current 5W, 12W, 18W chargers will also be discontinued, will be replaced by the new 20W charger.

Guo said that because the material cost of the iPhone 12 has increased significantly (it is estimated to be a 5g pot), and the iPhone 12, like the iPhone 11 / XR, is used to maintain the price and sales of the entry-level iPhone, the accompanying charger will be cancelled. In a previous article, Guo said that the accompanying headset is expected to be cancelled for the iPhone 12.

If it's really unfortunate to be mentioned by Mr. Guo, it's likely that at the end of 2020, when you open the package of your iPhone 12, you will only get a lightning data cable (there's no news that Apple will use the type-C interface on the iPhone 12)

It's not the first time that Apple has castrated an accessory in an iPhone box

1. As early as the era of iPhone 4S, apple included a micro USB to 30pin adapter in the mobile phone package of BOC; After the iPhone 5 was changed to lightning, micro USB was transferred to lightning for a while, and it was not cancelled until the iPhone 7.

2. From the beginning of iPhone 7, due to the cancellation of the 3.5mm headphone interface, Apple has attached a small tail from lighting to 3.5mm in the iPhone box. This product has been cancelled until the iPhone XS generation.

From the previous performance point of view, these small products that apple comes with are to let users transition between two generations of products. When users gradually buy the new iPhone's accessories almost the same, apple cancels the "less useful" ones. In fact, the main reason why users are angry about this analysis is: what do you think if I buy a mobile phone and you don't even give me a charger? This directly affects the basic use of mobile phones. So let's put aside the 18W fast charging of the iPhone 11 pro. How long has it been since you opened the "five blessings and one safety" box in the iPhone box?

For a user who hasn't used IOS or who is still using models before the 8th generation, it does have some impact to cancel the attached charging head. However, it should be noted that Apple has cancelled the charging head, not the data cable sent to you. For Apple's 18W PD charging standard (which may be 20W in the future), 90% of the type-C charging heads available on the market support it. Then plug in the attached data cable and you can continue to use it?

For heavy users who have fully entered the apple ecosystem, they wish every room, office and home were filled with PD chargers supporting iPhone fast charging, and a multi port or mobile power supply would be plugged into their bags for emergency use. For this kind of users, it really doesn't matter to cancel that little square. It's better to buy a charging head of LETV than it. The official 18W charging head costs 243 yuan. Ten letvs cost 260 yuan. Isn't it fragrant? If you scold Lao Jia, you're going to scold Lao Jia. His own product hardware is still very poor.

It is not impossible to cancel the prediction of earpods according to Apple's current strategy of vigorously promoting airpods wireless headphones. Now a lot of Android phones have canceled the attached earphone, scold to scold, is not also not affected? How many users will switch to another brand because a new phone of one brand cancels the accompanying earphone? Not to mention the transition from IOS to Android.

iPhone Charger Cable

What Apple uses to capture users has never been a random accessory. It's Mac OS, IOS (iPad OS), icloud, and watchos, which are fully interoperable and independent, so you can't stop using them. This will never be affected by the cancellation of a charger or headphone port.

There are several compromise solutions to the problem that the new iPhone may cancel the charger

1. By default, the charger is no longer equipped, but when you buy a mobile phone, you can buy the original charger at a lower price (similar to the feeling that you choose touch panel, CPU and memory when you buy a MAC). For example, an 18W fast charger on the official website costs 243 yuan, so you can get a new 20W charger for 150 yuan more when you buy the iPhone 12. In this way, it can be understood that the price of the new iPhone has cut off the price of the charger, Users who need it can match it by themselves.

2. The price on the official website is relatively superior, and the charger certified by MFI can be selected by users. At present, the price of chargers and mobile power supplies of the third-party certification brand on Apple's official website can really be described as "horror". Compared with the original price of apple, it has a great advantage. After the cancellation of the attached charger, I hope apple can put on more chargers within 100 yuan for users to choose.
iPhone 12 charger cable
3. Put airpower on the shelves as soon as possible【 This may be hopeless

But no matter which method is adopted, if Apple really cancels the official charger, then if it encounters the extreme situation such as iPhone charging explosion again, the official sentence of apple is: "it doesn't use the original charger to charge." After all, you didn't even give me the original charger, so I can only use the third-party charger, right?