The tuyere has arrived, hi micro technology has launched 8 20W PD fast charging chargers

Cook holds high the banner of environmental protection for the sake of the earth, and all iPhones will no longer be supplied with chargers. No matter whether he supports or opposes it, first of all, the whole fast charging industry should thank cook, because it can be predicted that the demand for tens of millions of PD chargers will be rapidly released in the future, and all manufacturers will seize this outlet. Xiwei technology, a famous charger manufacturer, has also rapidly laid out its products and launched 8 types of 20W PD fast charging chargers in one go. They adopt different designs to meet different needs of customers. The first charger adopts a flat-panel appearance, with two pins protruding from the back. The single usb-c interface is configured with an output power of 20W. When used on the socket, the cable goes down to reduce the chance of winding.

The appearance of the second charger is similar to that of Apple's original 20W, and the dimensions are relatively close. The single usb-c output port is configured with a maximum output power of 20W, and the fixed two pin design is adopted. Both the appearance and structure are common types. The third charger is packaged with left and right cover, which looks like a square. A single usb-c output port is configured with a maximum output power of 20W. Its characteristic is that its pin is foldable, and the pin can be stored in the shell, which is convenient for carrying out. The fourth charger is a dual port output, a usb-a output port plus a usb-c output port, which is commonly known as 1a1c configuration. It can adapt to different types of wire and equipment, and also supports charging two devices at the same time.

The fifth charger is a very hot bar column design recently. It is equipped with 1a1c dual output configuration. It supports different types of wires and devices, and can charge dual devices at the same time. A blue work indicator light is configured beside the usb-c, which is small in floor area and easy to carry when used on the socket.

The sixth charger adopts ultra-high density design. The internal PCB components are stacked in a three-dimensional manner, greatly reducing the volume. The external size is close to that of the ancestral Apple 5W charger. The single usb-c output port is configured with a maximum output power of 20W. The two pins are fixed. The shell surface is provided with a mold, and the long strip skin is designed to increase the sense of detail. The seventh charger belongs to ultra-high density design. The size of tofu block is configured with single usb-c output port. The maximum output power of single usb-c output port is 20W. Compared with the sixth charger, the appearance ID is more gentle, the interface panel is slightly convex, and the two pins are fixed.

The eighth charger is also a super compact structure with a single usb-c output port and a maximum output power of 20W. The interface panel is equipped with a work indicator and two fixed pins.

"Opportunities are always reserved for those who are ready." Xiwei Technology launched eight 20W chargers in one breath, including the moderate Volkswagen model, bar column model, Wufu Yian ultra small model, multi output model and so on. It can be seen that Xiwei technology is ready for this fast charging tuyere. Xiwei technology 20W PD charger series now accept OEM / ODM orders, you can contact Xiwei technology business.