The truth! The original apple charger is not 5v1a, five chargers evaluation revealed

Many friends always take good care of the iPhone they just bought. They have to use the original charger to charge it. When it's full, they immediately unplug it. After a period of time, plug in the charger casually, charge the mobile phone before going to bed at night, and get up and pull it off the next morning. Do you have such a habit?

Many people have asked me this question: does the iPhone have to use the original charger? Will non original charger damage mobile phone? Now I evaluate 5 kinds of mobile phone chargers which are common in our life. Let's see the result together!

Before the test, we prepared five chargers, namely, the original iPhone 5v1a charger, the high imitation 5v1a charger from the mobile phone store, the Pinsheng 5v1a charger, the self purchased 5v1.5a Haiyun charger, and the last one is the three USB output charger. Other materials are: USB digital display voltage and current tester, third-party MFI certified data cable and an apple 5S.

Test process: We plug the data cable into the mobile phone, then connect the USB digital display voltage and current tester, respectively plug in five chargers, and get five groups of data.

Apple original 5v1a charger
To be honest, Apple's previous models of iPhone 8 do not support fast charging, so many people tease that apple is equipped with the ancestral "Wufu Yian" charger as standard, that is, we often say the power is 5W, but it can't reach 5W in the actual use process. Through the test, we get a set of data that Apple's original charger is charging the iPhone 5S In the process of charging, the voltage value and current value are 5.07v and 0.7A respectively, which are different from the marked data.

Apple high imitation 5v1a charger

This kind of high imitation iPhone charger is also a common one. In the early years, many bad businesses often took out the unopened or non bank of China mobile phone accessories and replaced them with this kind of accessories. From the surface, this kind of accessories is almost the same as the original accessories, but there is still a certain gap between the workmanship and the weight of the original charger. The measured value of this charger is voltage The current is 5.33v and 0.89a, which is not very different from the original.

Pinsheng 5v1a charger

Many people have heard of Pinsheng. In terms of data cable, battery and power bank, the quality of Pinsheng is quite good. Many people choose Pinsheng because they are not willing to spend money on Apple's original accessories. The birth of this brand really saves us a lot of money. We measured that the voltage value of this charger is 5.19v, the current value is 0.8A, and the voltage is a little bit biased High, the current has little difference with the original charger.

Haiyun 5v1.5a charger

I'm not very familiar with Haiyun charger brand, but the quality of this charger is really good. It took me five years from college to graduation, and now even the supporting data cable is not broken. This is really a set of charging equipment that I have used for the longest time. The voltage and current marked on this charger are 5V and 1.5A respectively, and the actual measured data are 4.96v and 1.5A 64a, which is a little low.

Three port 5v3.1a charger (three port 1A / 1A / 2.1a respectively)

I don't know what brand of the last charger is. I usually plug in the night light to charge the mobile phone. The main reason is that the charger has many USB output ports, and the plug can be folded. It's convenient to take it with me when I go out. The measured values of this charger are 4.98v, 0.65a and 0.67a, and the difference between 1a and 2A is not very big.
From the test data of the above five chargers, we can conclude that there is a certain gap between the marked voltage and current of the mobile phone charger and the actual situation. The voltage and current of the original iPhone charger are not "5v1a", but the voltage value is close, and the current is still a big gap.
Among the five chargers tested, Pinsheng data is the closest to the original charger, followed by high imitation. The other two chargers have a big gap in terms of voltage and current. So is the non original charger harmful to the mobile phone? The answer is yes, even the original charger is harmful to the mobile phone, but the damage is lower. Among the five chargers tested, the voltage and current of the high imitation charger and Pinsheng charger are similar to the original charger, so the damage to the mobile phone is relatively less.
If we use the two chargers for a long time, not only the charging speed is slow, but also the damage to the mobile phone is greater, and the unstable voltage and current of the charger will also cause great damage to the mobile phone, so we usually choose a big brand when we buy the charger.

Do you usually use the original charger or a third-party charger?