The role of riding glasses

Different people have different opinions on this problem. First of all, windproof riding glasses are commonly known as goggles. As the name suggests, they can prevent the eyes from tears due to the wind when facing the wind or against the wind. In some cases, they can also cause dry discomfort. In addition, the effect of windproof riding glasses is particularly obvious when it is cold in winter.

Secondly, avoiding light is not to weaken the light as sunglasses do. It is mainly to absorb and reflect the ultraviolet light under strong light and the cold strong light under the sun, because in strong light environment, the sun reflects all kinds of rays and strong light on the road or other environment, which will cause eye fatigue, sour and other discomfort. The common riding glasses do not have the kind of sunglasses, They are mainly light color, which can effectively absorb and reflect rays to prevent eye fatigue.

Third, sand prevention, that is to say, to prevent dust and flying insects from entering the eyes, which is often encountered when riding in windy and sandy environment or in the wild, that is to say, to play a direct role in practice.

In fact, the first and the second of the three major performances of riding glasses are particularly important. The principle of turbulence of the windlass, and even some fully sealed designs, and the material of the lenses directly determine the performance and grade of the riding glasses.

Many people think that as long as you have enough physical strength to ride a bike. In fact, many outdoor cyclists find it necessary to wear glasses on their bicycles. Let's talk about the role of riding glasses.

Cycling glasses mainly include bicycle lens changing glasses, bicycle myopia glasses, mountain bike glasses and so on. Because in the process of riding, the change of speed and the influence of wind speed have a great influence on the eyes. Exposing the eyes in the wind for a long time is easy to lead to dry eyes. When the eyes are opened at last, they will feel sour, no stickiness!

The other is that if the sun is too big, direct sunlight will cause considerable damage to the eyes, which is easy to cause temporary blank. This may be why many athletes like to wear sunglasses in the competition, Too much direct sunlight is also easy to cause eyesight fatigue! It is suggested that friends who plan to ride a long distance can protect their eyes well.

The role of outdoor glasses in summer

The summer sun is very "poisonous" and often makes people unable to open their eyes, which is an inevitable problem for people who travel and carry out outdoor sports. At this time, it is very important to wear outdoor glasses. On the one hand, it can protect your eyes from the damage of ultraviolet rays; on the other hand, it can protect your eyes from the damage of ultraviolet rays when carrying out outdoor sports, It also helps you maintain a clear view.

According to the introduction of outdoor donkey, the safety glasses worn in sports must have the functions of safety, protection, comfort and beauty. When purchasing, you should pay attention to the following points: outdoor glasses must be able to prevent ultraviolet rays first, and the filtering of ultraviolet rays can even reach 100%. In addition, most outdoor glasses use polarized lenses, It can filter stray light. After wearing polarizing lens, the visual effect is very comfortable and the vision is clearer. It is especially suitable for driving, fishing, climbing snow mountain and so on. Good outdoor glasses are generally made of magnesium alloy with soft texture, bright color and no fading.

When maintaining outdoor glasses, you should take off and wear them with both hands to prevent the mirror from touching the desktop and other sharp objects. When the lens is dirty, do not clean the mirror with other solutions except detergent. Polarizing lenses should not be cleaned with water or ultrasonic, otherwise the polarizing effect will be damaged.