The quality is as good as Apple's official liquid silicone shell. It feels super good. Buy the shell and send the apple data cable!

The iPhone 8 / 8p / X goes back to the design of front and back glass,

Apple has once again proved its power

Industrial design ability!

Spent a lot of money and finally got on the official website

Start with the new kidney machine XS Max

Seriously! Nearly ten thousand yuan

I bought an iPhone with a glass case and a glass core~

So in order to protect my kidney

I thought, then I'll get a mobile phone case

This is the last line of defense~

But I hesitated when I looked through the official website

Why do you ask me?! Please look down... Yes, you're right!

XS Max leather protection clip up to 1099 yuan

After watching, my kidney is aching again

Forget it, I don't like such an old-fashioned shell,

Or look at the official website of the popular it~

XS Max's latest silicone protective case is also the sales champion of mobile phone cases on Apple's official website. I believe you've all seen the practical liquid silicone case. You can see the price again, 329 yuan, emmm...

OK, I know you. Xiaobian vowed to find the same liquid silica gel shell for the fruit powder. Both the material and feel of the product can be infinitely close to the official shell, and the price must be within 100 yuan~

But later Xiaobian found that he was still too naive. I spent nearly a month going through the largest mobile phone accessories wholesale markets in China, such as Yuanwang Manha in Huaqiangbei. I also bought the liquid silicone shells that Alibaba sold well online to look at the samples, which disappointed me-_-

iPhone Adapter

After a month of tossing, I finally realized that: the wholesale market goods are just the pursuit of cheap, as long as the appearance can be, not the pursuit of quality. So Xiaobian can only ruthlessly give up the market spot road ~ now there is only one way to go, that is to find a factory to carry out customized production according to our requirements.

In the process of looking for a factory for production, all kinds of factories with better workmanship and quality are indifferent to you, and we can't look at small workshops. It's very like love. It's still not good to rely on ourselves. We have to have a matchmaker to introduce...

Finally, Xiao Bian introduced a friend who opened a mobile phone case factory in Shenzhen, and then asked him to take us to each factory for a detailed visit. Finally, he gave our order to a factory specialized in export orders for processing and production. After the production, Xiao Bian personally inspected the quality.

iPhone Charger Adapter

The function is worthy of people's heart. After the official liquid silica gel shell of Apple was put online, it became a popular e-commerce product. It was out of stock several times. We finally had enough goods during the special price period. Let's plant grass for you~

This product is made of the same material and technology as Apple's official product. The outer layer is made of food grade liquid silica gel...