The phone no longer comes with standard accessories, so it comes up with the idea of other accessories

In the name of environmental protection, Apple's practice of no longer distributing chargers and headphones has aroused strong dissatisfaction from users, and has formed a certain driving effect in the industry. According to the current situation, apple obviously wants to go its own way, and start again on the packaging and accessories of the iPhone in the future, because Apple's release of the accessories utilization survey has aroused people's reverie.

The iPhone didn't come with a standard charger, and then came up with the idea of other accessories

Recently, some netizens reported that they have received a new consumer opinion survey from apple. This time, it is to find out whether iPhone 12 Pro Max users use the SIM card ejecting pin, iPhone welcome guide, USB to lightning cable, apple stickers and other accessories included in the package.

In fact, this worry is not unnecessary. Earlier last year, before the release of iPhone 12, apple investigated the use of USB power adapter in the past iPhone box by some users. As a result, we have seen that not only the iPhone 12, but also all the iPhones of apple have no chargers and headphones.

The new survey of packaging accessories suggests that some accessories may be discarded again in the packaging of the iPhone 13 series. I think mobile phones and accessories are very polluting. It's better for apple to announce an official bank account, and we can make money directly. This is really environmental protection.

The iPhone 12 series is stable! It once accounted for 76% of all iPhone sales

[mobile china news] recently, CIRP (consumer intelligence research partners) released its latest research report, pointing out the success of the iPhone 12 series. Nearly two months after the launch of the new iPhone, that is, from October to November 2020, the iPhone 12 series accounted for 76% of iPhone sales in the U.S. market.

CIRP data

Among them, the standard iPhone 12 is the best-selling model, with 27% of the sales. IPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12pro Max have sold close to iPhone 12. But the iPhone 12 Mini is not doing well, with sales accounting for only 6 percent, far below the rest of the iPhone 12 series. Overall, the iPhone 12 series accounted for a higher proportion of all iPhone sales than the iPhone 11 series, which accounted for 69 per cent in a period of time after the launch.

It is worth mentioning that, according to the global monthly tracking report, global sales of iPhone fell year-on-year from October to November 2020, but only a single digit decline. Given that the iPhone 12 series was delayed four to six weeks from the launch of the iPhone 11 series, such sales were still positive. Counter predicts apple is likely to break its previous iPhone sales record in the first quarter, which will usher in the company's biggest iPhone sales year in history.