The new mobile phone does not have a fast charging head? Qcy pd20w charger


Since a certain brand of mobile phone in the name of environmental protection, the charging head is no longer delivered when purchasing the mobile phone. As a result, many mobile phone manufacturers have followed suit, new mobile phones without charging equipment. There is no charging device, let alone most of the mobile phones on the market have fast charging function. New mobile phones can no longer use the previous charging head to charge. Without fast charging function, they are no longer fragrant.


The new mobile phone does not have a fast charging head, which is a kind of torture for people with mobile phone control and low battery anxiety disorder. Thanks to Yizhi mushroom's strong support, yizhi mushroom brought me a qcy pd20w fast charger, a fast charger supporting Pd / QC 20W fast charging, ISO / Android system compatibility, AC 100-240V international voltage, 3C certification multiple protection, intelligent control chip, PC fireproof material and other properties, which relieved me as a person with low power anxiety, A small charging head can satisfy the fast charging of multiple devices.

Outer packing

The outer package of qcy pd20w charger is full of flu, orange and gray, QYC image in the upper left corner of the front is the logo of the company, and "be creative go beyond" in the upper right corner is slogan of the company. The rendering of the charger occupies the main position. The features of 20W high power, multi protocol compatibility and small volume of the charger are listed on the left. On the back of the outer package is a detailed description of the charger's product name, input voltage and current, usb-c output, maximum output, product size and other information in Chinese and English.


The accessories of qcy pd20w charger are very simple, including a fast charging head, instructions in Chinese and English, and a type-C to lightning charging line. The charging line can be delivered according to the user. I use the fruit machine, so the type-C to lightning line is delivered.

Product details:


Qcy pd20w charger adopts white high gloss surface process design, the size is about 39 * 26.8 * 59.2 (with pins), and the weight is about 46.6g, which is much smaller than ordinary charging head, and it does not take up space and weight to carry out. The shell of the charger is made of white PC fireproof material, which is not only anti dropping and flame retardant, but also UL94 V0, so it is very safe and reliable to use.

The pin of the charger is made of low impedance pure copper nickel plating material. Not only the low impedance will not lead to heating during charging, but also it has better anti-oxidation effect and ensures the beautiful appearance of the charging head for a long time. From the input voltage of charging head 100-240V, it can be seen that the charger is suitable for global voltage, and can be safely used when carried abroad.

Qcy pd20w charger adopts the type-C output interface, which is mainly aimed at the fast charging conditions of pd3.0 and qc3.0 protocols. Users use different mobile phones. Therefore, the charger can be applied to different mainstream mobile phones of pd3.0 and qc3.0 protocols to achieve the maximum 20W power.

Qcy pd20w charger has built-in power management chip, PD certification protocol chip and synchronous rectifier chip. The power management chip is responsible for over-current, over-voltage, short circuit and high temperature protection. The PD certification protocol chip is an intelligent identification fast charging device, which automatically matches the fast charging mode. The synchronous rectifier chip is responsible for stabilizing the output DC voltage, reducing loss and improving energy efficiency. The three core smart chips not only protect the charging equipment from fast charging, but also provide efficient charging capability.

Connected with qcy pd20w charger, the mechanical and electrical capacity of my fruit has increased visibly. Compared with the previous 10W original charger, the speed is much faster. It only takes about 30 minutes to charge 50%. I really save a lot of time for charging. I don't worry about the low power of my mobile phone if I like to brush small videos.



Qcy pd20w charger is white and bright in appearance, small in size and weight, and the input voltage is 100-240V. It can be safely carried out and even used abroad. The compatibility of pd3.0 and qc3.0 protocols can match various brands of mobile phones suitable for fast charging. The core smart chip protects the charger and charging equipment from overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit and high temperature, The 20W power fast charging is very suitable for the charging equipment of fruit machine. The data line with tensile strength, bending ability and wear resistance is also worth having. The charging line is durable and can transmit data. There is no need to worry about the fact that the fruit machine does not deliver charging head. Qcy pd20w charger can solve the key problems of fast charging and safe use.