The most cost-effective vertical wireless charger can be used by iPhone, Xiaomi, Samsung and Huawei!

Recently, on the newly established desk, I always feel that I have to put my mobile phone standing beside me in order to enter a mentalflow state. Even if there is a message reminder on my mobile phone, you can preview whether the message needs an emergency reply when you glance at it and unlock it on your face. So this week, I've been looking for one in every major store, hoping to have the texture of Apple's, but it's just about 100 yuan, and the compatibility can be wider, in case of possible Android coming in the future. After flipping through Weibo, I found the Qi standard wireless charger I received today.

Aifu has always been a company boasting that it is a product with "critical judgment to create performance limit". But when I opened the express and took out the express box, I thought, Hmmmmm, is the material of the packing box a little too cheap? It's made of recycled paper. It's quite thin and soft. I'm worried about whether the products inside will scratch. But I remember just now a big bundle of bubble paper wrapped, should not be a problem.

Moreover, there is a black sponge inside to support the whole charging contact plate. I also looked at the appearance of the product. There is no bump or scratch on each corner. In the comments on Taobao link, there are several complaints. I hope that this brand can further refine the shortcomings of the outer packaging box in other products in the future.

Take out the whole charger and tear off the protective film (it's not as hard to tear as the comment says). The overall silver gray metal texture is very good, which is very suitable for my steel straight man. There's a type-C excuse on the back of the charger.

The design of the whole charger is a 65 degree vertical angle design. This angle, like I just said, can easily scan your face to unlock your mobile phone, and you can preview the information notice without picking up the mobile phone. There is also a usb-a interface on the right. I read the introduction and said that it can be used to connect another modular product. I don't seem to be able to find their "B" module. It's estimated that it hasn't been put on the market yet. I'm very optimistic about the watch bracket charger. I should buy it as well.

In half a day of use, the wireless charger didn't make me feel the phenomenon of mobile phone heating or charger burning. It is estimated that the metal body design can quickly disperse the heat and effectively dissipate heat. And even if I have a thick all inclusive silicone shell, it will not hinder the use of this charger. I see the official website that it is OK to only have a mobile phone shell larger than 4 mm thick. Of course, the metal one and the one with built-in iron absorption on the back are not OK. As for the charging efficiency, because it is Qi standard, it can only output 7.5W to the iPhone 11. It can only be said that it should be faster than the zuzhuan 5W head, but compared with the 18W PD fast charging, it's still more than enough.

Just read the official website to know, the original charger can also be placed horizontally to charge, ha ha. Dark green is also pretty.