The most affectionate charging base, if the watch changes into game boy, the post-80s can understand it

For those who have started with apple watch, they can't be wronged. They have to have a set of accessories with style. The charging base is undoubtedly one of the most powerful accessories. After all, I have an apple watch. How can I not have a high charging base. Elago, an accessory company, knows our needs very well. When you see their charging base, you will feel a strong nostalgia.

Or the original formula, or familiar taste, this is the mini version of the original macintoch. With this elago W3 to charge your apple watch, it's easy to pull the intelligent object back more than 30 years ago. Put the magnetic charger in the middle, fix the watch in the gap, and a desktop computer full of feelings will appear in front of you. And with apple watch's night mode, a touch is a small bedside clock.

The W5 charging base is even more popular. It imitates the most classic Nintendo game boy. The back of the base of W5 is still equipped with a slot for placing the charger, in which the user can hide part of the charging head.

Although it is similar to the installation method, it feels totally different. This is the game boy ontology. Even if the buttons below are decorative and cannot be operated, it is amazing that the old game overlord who carries 80 generations of memories of childhood has returned to his hands in this new way.