The essence of Apple's cancellation of chargers and headphones is to make more money in the name of environmental protection

For the pricing of the iPhone 12 series, many consumers shout "conscience price". However, apple, with its conscience label, has done a very embarrassing thing for consumers. The iPhone 12 has eliminated chargers and headphones. Apple's reason for this is to protect the environment. As the most profitable mobile phone manufacturer in the world, apple canceled chargers and headphones for environmental protection, which in itself is hard to convince consumers. For the iPhone 11 series, the low configuration version comes with a 5W charger as standard, and the iPhone 11 pro, which costs nearly 10000 yuan, comes with a 18W fast charging charger as standard. Through the differentiation of accessories, apple maximizes profits.


Similarly, the iPhone 12 is completely free of chargers and headphones. This is not just for the sake of environmental protection. The essence is to make money in the name of environmental protection. Next, let's take a look at Apple's business tactics of making money in the name of environmental protection.


When it comes to the reasons for the iPhone 12's cancellation of chargers and headphones, apple official said that consumers have a lot of idle chargers and headphones at home, which will not affect the user experience. In fact, the iPhone 12's cancellation of chargers and headphones has a big impact on the user experience.

 iPhone Charger Cable

As we all know, the iPhone 12 supports 20W fast charging, and the headset uses a lightning connector. Before Apple mobile phone charger, or 5W charger, only high configuration version of 18W fast charging. It is undeniable that consumers have idle Apple mobile phone chargers in their homes. The iPhone 12 can be used, but it cannot use 20W fast charging. To experience the 20W fast charging of the iPhone 12, consumers have to buy a charger alone.


In fact, even if consumers have idle Apple chargers in their homes, the iPhone 12 won't work. According to Apple's official website, the data cable of the iPhone 12 is a type-C interface to a lightning interface. Before, the charger interface of Apple's mobile phone was USB. That is to say, after the cancellation of all iPhone 12 chargers, if consumers want to use the previously idle charger, they have to buy a new USB to lightning cable.

 iPhone 12 charger cable 

In short, after the iPhone 12 cancels the charger, consumers need to charge normally, either buy a charger that supports 20W fast charging or buy a USB to lightning interface data cable. No matter which solution consumers choose, apple is the beneficiary. Of course, consumers can also buy third-party chargers, and apple is still the beneficiary, because Apple needs to charge accessories manufacturers for MFI certification. In addition, after the iPhone 12 is no longer free of wired headphones, this will stimulate the sales of the airpods series, so Apple will make more money. For consumers, listening to music and taking photos are high-frequency applications. Therefore, after the iPhone 12 series cancels the earphone, there are only two choices to listen to music: one is to buy the wired earphone with lightning interface; Another option is to buy the air pods series with Bluetooth connection. Moreover, in the past few years, the sales volume of air pods has been very hot.