The data line with light is designed in this way, and the hammer 18W charging set CC data line is disassembled

Previously, smartisan hammer, an 18W USB PD fast charging charger, was acquired by the charging head network, and it was disassembled and shared. Today, I will continue to bring you the disassembly of the original usb-c to usb-c data cable matched with this charger to see how it is made.



1 The appearance of CCC data line

The data cable of smartisan hammer is tied up with a white rubber ring. The wire body is wound with many circles. It can be seen that the data cable is very long. The white skin of the wire body is made of TPE material, with good workmanship and smooth surface without burr.

The data cable head is packaged with a white hard plastic shell. The bright surface of the plastic shell is treated with baking paint, which is very smooth. The shell is concave near the line, which is convenient for users to plug and use. The connection between the head and the body is treated with anti bending treatment, and the workmanship is exquisite.


The measured data line length is about 110cm, which can easily cope with various scenarios.

The diameter of data line measured by vernier caliper is 3.28mm.

2 Disassembly of CCC data line

Cut off the white plastic shell, and use steel sleeve to reinforce and protect the center position below.


The left end is slotted with plastic glue, and the shell is embedded, so that it can bite with the plastic shell more firmly.

The steel sleeve in the middle is removed, and the PCB board is protected by translucent injection molding.

The other side of PCB board is also translucent injection processing.

After cleaning the sealing glue, there are two components below. One is the LC printed on the PPTC self recovery fuse, and the other is the white LED.

There is also a white light-emitting tube on the back, and the wire cores beside are arranged and welded in order.

Take another look at the cross section of the wire, it is easy to see the wire diameter of 8 cores.

The inside of the white skin is a shielding net, which has the function of shielding and stabilizing the braided net layer. The skin is closely combined with the metal braided net, and the imprint extruded by the metal braided net can be seen at the bottom of the skin.

If the shielding net is slightly loosened, it can be seen that the metal woven net is doped with tensile fiber to improve the tensile performance of the data line.


There is also a layer of shielding aluminum foil under the screen to enhance the shielding effect.

Tear the aluminum foil, in addition to the core, the interior is also equipped with three tensile fiber composed of anti stay wire.

There are 8 power cores and 8 data cores in total, and there are two stay wires at the most central position of the cable.

Tear off the plastic skin of the red wire core, the inner part is composed of tinned copper wire core, and tensile fiber is also added, and the other seven wire cores are the same workmanship as the red wire core, so the following will not be repeated.

Summary of disassembly of charging head network

Smartisan hammer, the CC data line, is smooth as a whole. The charging head net is disassembled and found that the plastic shell of the wire head is firmly engaged. The inner part is reinforced with metal shell. The light-emitting tube inside the plug shows the position in the dark. The injection molding on PCB protects components and cores. PPTC fuse is provided on PCB board to protect plug and socket from over-current damage. In addition, the metal screen is equipped with tensile fiber, and there are up to 5 anti-pull wires inside the wire body. Each core is equipped with tensile fiber, and the tensile performance of the whole cable is very strong.