The cheapest Apple fast charging data cable: zMi usb-c to lightning data cable evaluation

Usb-c to lightning cable, mainly used for iPhone and iPad fast charging.

With the MFI process completed by various families and the supply of c94 terminals, more and more third-party wire began to ship.

Horizontal evaluation is naturally indispensable. Let me show you the goods I have bought first. At present, the basic sales have been bought back.



Data testing is still being done, and you can look forward to it. The first time my mother started, she had the only one on the net.


Recently, many students have left a message to me and asked how about the zMi line. Before I can make a cross comment, I will choose some representative ones to talk about it.



ZMi, as a small rice enterprise, has perfectly inherited the role of price butcher. The more than 20 MFI data lines recommended to you before, 20 yuan 18W charger, etc., are all cost-effective products.



On the C-L line, zMi also set a low price of 59 yuan.

ZMi purple Apple official MFI certification PD fast charging cable data cable usb-c to lightning charging line applicable to iPhone x/xs max/x/8 white 1m

The packaging is simple to look at. ZMi data line and packaging, basically and apple original will be closer.

MFI logo, both through apple official certification, can be assured of the meaning of use.

In addition, apple data line must identify MFI, whether it is A-L or fast charging C-L.

The winding way of wire is basically the same as apple original.

The wire quilt is also made of pet, namely polyethylene terephthalate. Compared with some cheap PVC, it is better to protect environment, flame retardant and control cost.

C and l-end work pass, net tail is also the same as apple original normal treatment. In my hand all C-L, zMi in the same price is good. Some new brands even have no burr cleaned, this horizontal review in the fine talk.

Compare with apple



Compared with the original, except for the original dirty, the first eye is not easy to distinguish, this is good for the users who like the original line.

Original left, right zMi.

C end is compared with original one, and the end of zMi net at the lower end is slightly shorter.

L end is relatively original, except for the short tail of the net, other very close.

There is an additional zMi logo than the original one.

Line diameter test

Original C-L wire diameter is 3.18mm

The diameter of zMi C-L line is 2.91mm. In fact, it is not only the fast charging line, but the former A-L line zMi will be slightly smaller than the original one, but it is not a decisive indicator for performance

Terminal test

Let's test the terminals

The test equipment is chargerlab power-z mf001 MFI tester, and the best terminal tester at present.

Can carry on the professional analysis test to iron head, quickly identify the true and false Apple data line. I brush the latest firmware, and have supported the c94 detection.

The results showed that ASIC and PMU were original, the terminal model was c94 and the score was 100 full marks.

We will talk about the details of c94 and some differences with c91.

Power test

The test equipment is power-z km001c, and the best PD detection tool at present.

Connect to iPhone XS max, 10% of the remaining power

First of all, original C-L, shake hands PD.

Power: 8.99v/1.775a 15.97w


Overall, this line maintains the zMi's consistent high cost performance route.

MFI test is OK. ASIC and PMU are original, and the terminals are c94 supplied by apple.

The design of wire rod is very close to the original one, and there is no problem in the process. The diameter of the wire is slightly thin, and the net tail is slightly shorter than the original apple.


In terms of power test, it is slightly higher than that of the original factory.