The best smart glasses

Now we start with an Epson smart glasses. It felt great after the experience. Compared with other smart glasses, it has a heavy helmet like appearance. This kind of smart glasses is similar to ordinary glasses in appearance, and its own weight is only 119g. 2. This intelligent glasses has a humanized improvement. The glasses have nose pads, which can be used by people who wear glasses. 3. The smart glasses have folding light shield, which can improve the viewing effect in strong light.

Smart glasses, also known as smart glasses, refers to "like smart phones, with independent operating system, smart glasses can be installed by the user software, games and other software service providers to provide the program.". Smart glasses can add schedule, map navigation, interact with friends, take photos and videos, and make video calls with friends through voice or action control, and can realize wireless network access through mobile communication network. It is learned that Microsoft has disclosed a number of patents for products similar to Google glasses. Google announced its product development plan, aiming to facilitate the future testing of Google glasses with strange appearance in public places. In terms of current product design alone, Google glasses includes a parallel frame that can be placed horizontally above the bridge of the nose, a wide strip computer on the right side of the frame, and a transparent display screen. In general, the appearance will never be like the design of traditional glasses that we usually understand.

In terms of price, the cheap ones are all based on smart phones. In fact, there is no intelligence to speak of. What's more, the high-end operation is Sogou glasses, which is not acceptable to the public. The second is Android system, which is the public's familiarity and universality with Android; Furthermore, the higher the resolution of the plane, the less damage to the glasses. To sum up, we suggest that you pay more attention to cancer products, which is a practical product with the advantages of many families.

When it comes to what smart glasses can do, that's a lot., Smart glasses can complete the functions of listening to music, watching video, adding schedule, map navigation, shooting, video call with friends through voice or action control, making our life more convenient.

Bose intelligent audio glasses is a kind of audio sunglasses, which can be used to listen to songs, answer and make calls with sunglasses. The principle is that a miniature loudspeaker and microphone are inserted into the leg of the sunglasses, and the direction of the sound is just to the ear. Therefore, wearing sunglasses, the ear can feel the listening experience similar to a speaker. It is a new product of Bose.

The lens of sunglasses also adopts uniform coloring design, which can block the damage of ultraviolet rays for our glasses. It is more fashionable to wear it when going out of the street or traveling. In addition, this kind of glasses also has customized lens design, which can be matched with mirror silver and gradient blue lenses. With your favorite modeling style, it is definitely a good-looking fashion piece!