Tens of dollars of car Bluetooth to solve big problems, support qc3.0 car charger

Car Bluetooth is a very convenient function. It can not only be used to listen to music and make phone calls, but also be used to expand the navigation sound of mobile phones. However, many car models do not support Bluetooth. In the face of cars that do not support Bluetooth, we have a cost-effective solution, that is, car Bluetooth receiver. A few tens of dollars thing solves the big problem of car Bluetooth, which is very important to us For example, this is the greatest happiness and convenience.

The advantages of this Bluetooth receiver are easy to install, easy to use, and in addition to supporting Bluetooth, it can also power the dash cam, charge the mobile phone, and support u disk / TF memory card.

Today, I want to talk with you about some of my feelings and experiences after starting point T25, as well as whether this product is worthy of our purchase and use, which can be regarded as a reference for you.

To be frank, I bought the top version of the standard configuration. To put it bluntly, I bought a receiver without other accessories.

The power supply mode of T25 is directly connected to the cigarette lighter. The appearance of T25 is a kind of frosted material. It looks very low-key and has texture, and it matches well with the black interior of the car. The difference between the top version and the low version is that the top version adopts Bluetooth 5.0 connection scheme, and supports qc3.0 fast charging. On the appearance, the top version also has a circle of blue atmosphere lights, and the focus is on T2 5 car Bluetooth receiver is not limited to car models, general and a full range of models.

As we all know, the voltage of a car is unstable during driving. If you use a common car charger to charge a mobile phone and other devices, it will cause great harm to the mobile phone. This T25 Bluetooth receiver has a built-in intelligent chip, which can automatically detect the battery voltage and support eight safety protection functions, such as under current protection, over-current protection and over-voltage protection, so as to ensure driving safety Charging safety,

When we use it for the first time, we need to connect the mobile phone through Bluetooth. After connecting the mobile phone, FM frequency will be displayed on the receiver. We can adjust the Car FM frequency to the same frequency as the Bluetooth receiver.

The T25 Bluetooth receiving device supports automatic connection after power on, and has built-in high-performance decoding chip to support lossless music playing in flacwave and other formats.

In the middle of the receiver, there is a multi-function button (pick up / hang up and pause), on both sides is the previous / next music switch button, in addition, there is a microphone receiving hole. For T25's call performance, I personally say that in general, when talking to people, you need to increase the volume to make them hear clearly. In addition, in order to drive safely, don't call.

The T25 Bluetooth receiver has a qc3.0 fast charging interface with a maximum output of 3.4A and a 1A common interface (supporting reading U disk). I have done a simple test on the interface supporting fast charging. The test method is: connect a 2A load to test the output of the fast charging interface. The result shows that the output voltage is stable at 5.19v and the current is 3.11a.

Conclusion: it can solve the problem that our mobile phone has no power when we go out, and qc3.0 fast charging can quickly fill the mobile phone in the process of driving, without delaying our use of the mobile phone.

Spending dozens of yuan to solve the car Bluetooth function is a powerful upgrade of car entertainment system for cars, and convenient for car owners.