Take stock of the 10 big holes in the data cable to see if you are successful I can't hold the coffin. I'm going to talk about mobile phone accessories again. We are all familiar with the charging data cable, that's it. I don't need to say that anyone k

I can't hold the coffin. I'm going to talk about mobile phone accessories again.

We are all familiar with the charging data cable, that's it. I don't need to say that anyone knows what to do with it. What a pure product it is. What can you say about it.

However, thanks to the owners and designers of our great electronic factory, with the concept of "having problems, no problems, creating problems", we have created hundreds of data cable styles in less than ten years.


How do these styles come from, do you know?

Factory a: boss, it took our factory two years to develop the data cable, which was developed by many designers and project engineers. Look at how awesome it is( Pass on the data cable (b)

Brand L: let's go

A month later.

Or factory a: boss, this is the upgraded version of type B data cable developed by our factory after spending 3 years and exhausting countless designers and project engineers. Do you think it's awesome?

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L: is this different from what you gave me last time?


Factory a: Yes, you see, the former one was silver, but this time it is white, which is much more impressive.

Brand L......

A month later.

Or factory a: boss, this is a new data cable developed by our factory after five years of hard work of half a Shenzhen designer and project engineer. Do you think it's awesome?

Brand: one more interface, right?

L factory: Yes, it used to be Apple interface, but now it's Apple + micro dual interface. What a great creation.

In this way, the two sides in the process of tempering, strange products continue to appear.

If the data cable ten years ago was still used for charging and data transmission, today's data cable:

It's amazing. As the saying goes, people have three grades, and meat has five flowers and three layers. There are so many messy lines. With my years of contact, most of the functions are chicken ribs, or even useless. Let's take a stock of the holes in the data cable today.

(there are too many online assessments, but I think they all come one by one. I'm afraid I can't survive them, so let's get together and fight for a pot.)

No. 10 plug in and out multi in one line, and apple and micro plug in and out data cables

These two styles are actually quite convenient, but there is a fatal problem. Relatively speaking, the service life is not high, especially easy to break. Don't ask me how I know. The after sales department has a headache when they see them.

Ninth place with all kinds of small plugs

If you don't want to be obsessive-compulsive, don't use it.

Eighth place automatic power off and timing data cable

Your smart phones all have overshoot and overload protection systems, which can provide psychological comfort( If you want to restrict bear kids from playing with mobile phones, it is recommended to buy brooms directly, which are cheap and easy to use, and are effective in personal test.)

The seventh with digital display, breathing lamp, running lamp

It's nice to use it in the daytime, but we normal people charge it before going to bed. I don't believe you try it in the middle of the night, so you can have a surprise.

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Sixth place data cable with mobile power

It's really emergency. It's very inconvenient to use. When it comes to emergency, if I take a mobile power supply with an interface, it doesn't smell good. The power is enough.

It's relatively easy to break down. The data cable is broken, and all of them are useless,

Fifth place data cable with cigarette lighter

This is a werewolf data cable, a little more than ruthless. You can not only light a cigarette, but also light yourself. You can say whether you are cruel or not


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Fourth place magnetic attraction line


  1. Q. tax is a typical example. It's hard to get in touch with people, especially playing games, which makes you doubt your life. The official propaganda is that driving is easy to use by telephone and can be operated by one hand. I just want to ask: is driving on the phone a penalty? Even if you don't call to see the information, is it dangerous to drive?


Regeneration line

Regenerate the data cable. In a word: health care products in the data cable.

Normal data cable manufacturers are desperately increasing the tensile strength of the data cable interface, you can pour good, under the banner of renewable further weakened.

Second place data cable

Borrow wire

This is a particularly interesting product. Many people haven't seen it. The main function is to lend your mobile phone to me through this data cable. Nowadays, mobile phone is life. If it is said that borrowing money is the bottom line to test the relationship between friends, then after you find a friend to borrow electricity, you will have no friends, so this line does not have two months to go on the market, dead!

First place positioning data cable

Positioning line

The so-called data cable with GPS positioning function can be used to find cars, people and faults. Let's talk about positioning first. There's nothing wrong with the positioning of Apple's mobile phone, let alone a broken line. What's more, I need Bluetooth connection. After I disconnect, I'm sorry, it's useless. Bluetooth connection distance is 10 meters. If I use you to locate within 10 meters, I'm not blind.

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As the saying goes, there is no perfect product, but you say that some of your functions are designed to be perfect, and the purpose is not pure. To our common people, buying these things is like losing 200 worth things in order to collect 100 yuan.


Thank you for watching. At last, I hope to encourage and support more, and ask for a wave of praise to pay attention to the collection!