Support power digital display + 20W PD fast charging, Macintosh Apple data cable price is only half of the original

As a loyal fruit powder user, when the iPhone 12 series was launched last year, he decided to start with an iPhone 12 Pro version. Although it's painful to spend money, it's good for its smooth performance. It's really sour and refreshing to use everyday. However, the iPhone 12 Pro still has a short board, with 2815 MAH battery capacity. For users with high endurance, I have to consider the problem of battery life all the time. Especially from the beginning of this generation, the whole iPhone 12 system will cancel the charger accessories. If you directly buy a set of original charging equipment, it will increase the cost of 300 yuan.

From the cost, I think it's not cost-effective to start with the original fast charging suit directly. So it turned to the third-party charging brand. After many comparisons, this McDull type-C to lighting data cable was finally included in the bag. On the one hand, it supports 20W PD fast charging, on the other hand, there is a digital display window at the lighting interface, which can intuitively see the current charging power. It is really convenient and fast to use.


Open the box first


Like most other digital accessories, McDull type-C to lighting fast charging data cable is packaged in white paper box, and you can see the highlights of this data cable on the outer package. In addition, there are related selling point parameters on the packaging box, such as line length of 1.2m, supporting 20W PD fast charging digital display.


It is located on the back of the packing box, and the data cable is introduced in detail. The first is the appearance of wire technology, which uses nylon braiding, strong toughness and bending resistance. Core parameters, the maximum current up to 3a, the maximum power up to 36W, support USB2.0 standard transmission rate.


When I officially used the product, the length of the data cable from McDull type-C to lighting gave me a very good first experience. Before I started, I made a comparison with the original apple data cable. The 1m long version costs 99 yuan, which is much more expensive than the 1.2m McDull.


Not only is the length and price more reasonable, but also the nylon braided outer covering of its wire has many advantages. Among them, wear resistance and wrinkle resistance are incomparable to some PVC wires. Of course, there is also a more important point. Nylon Braided drape is not easy to knot, so it's easier to store.


Pay attention to this detail. The McDull type-C to lighting fast charging data cable comes with a Velcro strap. When you don't use it, you don't have to worry about not finding the strap rope.

 iPhone 12 charger

Of course, from wire rod to connector, McDowell brand shows the spirit of craftsman. The two joint ends are made of high-purity zinc alloy, which is made of one-piece workmanship. It is not only wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, but also very smooth and delicate to touch. It achieves double improvement in tactile and visual sense.


functional testing


Direct power digital display is one of the core selling points of McDull type-C to lighting fast charging data cable. Let's take a look at its functional performance.

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I use the iPhone 12 Pro model, when the initial charge, the phone's power is only about 5%, at this time, the data cable digital display window shows 20W PD value.


When the cell phone power increases to about 60%, the charging power begins to decrease, from 20W to 18W.


When the power of the mobile phone is close to 90%, the charging power is maintained at about 9.0w. This is because in the final stage, the iPhone 12 Pro entered trickle mode, and the McDull type-C to lighting fast charging data cable benefited from the MSc technology independently developed by mcdodo, which can adjust the voltage and current value according to the current power of the device, so as to better protect the battery.


From the test situation, it took about 1 hour and 40 minutes to complete 100% full charge. Compared with Apple's original 20W fast charging in the market, the charging speed is comparable.


Apple Charger Cable

After a period of experience, McDull type-C to lighting fast charging data cable has brought me a good feeling of use, and it's not too much to say that "it's better than Apple's original charging cable".


Summarize the overall advantages of the experience:


1: Apple's original charging cable has no digital display window, while McDull's type-C to lighting fast charging data cable can directly see the current charging power;


2: Compared with other intelligent digital display data cables on the market, the McDull type-C to lighting fast charging data cable directly displays power, rather than voltage and current values, which makes the user look more intuitive;

 Apple Charger Cable

3: As the equipment itself, the McDull type-C to lighting fast charging data cable from material selection to hair, whether it is the Nylon Braided drape or the integrated molding port part, all show excellent quality, and the beauty and durability are guaranteed.


The so-called good horse with good saddle, in my opinion, to match my iPhone 12 pro with this McDull type-C to lighting fast charging data cable, or make the best use of, value for money.