Support 100W charging power, Beisi Xiaobai fast charging data cable evaluation

Now more and more electronic devices are equipped with usb-c charging interface, especially for the notebook with high power demand, the black brick power adapter can not be applied to the users of office books. With the popularity of high-power chargers, it has become a necessary thing for users who often go out with their computers on their backs to shoulder their backpacks.


High power charger with dual usb-c charging cable is welcomed by more and more users, but even if the charger supports high power, the matching wire does not support high power, it still can not achieve the purpose of notebook for high power demand, and it may cause the phenomenon of less and less power consumption with the charger. Today, Xiaobian is going to introduce a kind of wire that supports 100 watt charging power launched by Beisi. Let's have a look.

1 Outer packing

  1. Front

Bess 100W dual usb-c data cable, the overall appearance of the outer package is white, with some yellow lines at the top and bottom respectively, making the whole appearance not so monotonous.

  1. Top left corner

The logo logo of baseus is on the upper left corner, and the black font is set off with a yellow background, which can highlight the effect of the brand. There is also a hook at the top, which is convenient for offline businesses to sell goods on the shelves. It can also better show the goods to consumers in an all-round way, so as to better understand the products.

  1. Packaging texture

The whole outer packaging adopts the texture design with the spacing of 1 mm, and the touch has a little bit of frosted texture, which looks more different than the smooth plane.

  1. Wire display

The front of the outer package has a schematic diagram of the wire. It can be seen that the two connectors are usb-c design.


Small white series usb-c 100W (20V 5a) fast charging data cable 5A fast charging high current 100W high power

  1. Side

On the side of the outer package, there is only 150cm length information, nothing else.

  1. Back

On the back, the environment of the product is described on the top of the package. At the same time, there is also information description in Chinese and English below, which is convenient for different consumers to read barrier free.

  1. Explanation part

Zoom in and have a look at the name of the parameter information: Beisi Xiaobai series fast charging data cable usb-c 100W (20V 5a) material: TPE length: 1.5m current: 5A transmission rate: 480mbps

  1. Anti counterfeiting sign in the lower right corner

In the lower right corner, there is also an anti-counterfeiting logo, so users can detect the authenticity when they receive it, so as to prevent spending the same money to buy a fake data cable. And there is a text below: Beisi Xiaobai series fast charging data cable usb-c 100W (20V 5a) 1.5m catsw-d02 white.

2 Unpacking

  1. Drawer design

Open the outer packaging, the overall use of drawer style design, the user can easily take out the products in the packaging, after extraction, you can see our protagonist today.

  1. Transparent bladder

Take out the product, the internal use of transparent liner design, this can play a buffer role, can play a role in the protection of the data cable in the process of transportation.

  1. Fixing groove

The inner liner on one side adopts the groove design, and the two joints of the data cable are firmly fixed in the inner part of the groove, so as to ensure that the wire inside the package will not be disordered due to the effect of external force, and always keep in a neat state.

  1. Bandage

Take out the product, the wire is tied with magic band, which can ensure the integrity of the wire, not chaos, but also help users to use the whole wire, convenient.

  1. Family photo

A list of the items in the package, a thank-you card, a manual, and dual usb-c wire.

  1. Terminal head

Close up of charging terminal head, the color of terminal head is white, and the logo of baseus is on both terminals. Beisi's Xiaobai series fast charging data cable uses Taiwan's e-marker chip, TID number is 1000196, and type-C terminal is certified by USB Association, TID number is 5210000650.

  1. Special groove design of joint

There is a special groove design at the connection between the terminal head and the net tail, which is convenient for users to insert the data cable into the interface of the charging head. The small and insignificant design can facilitate the use of users, which is good.


  1. 100W logo

In addition to the logo and groove design of baseus, there is a 100W parameter identification at the connection of the end of the network. This data cable supports 100W high-power charging.

  1. Usb-c connector macro

Use macro lens to look at the internal design of usb-c connector. There are 12 pin pins on the left and right sides, with a total of 24 pins. It is a full pin design.

  1. Wire length

The end-to-end length of the wire is 161cm, which is enough in daily use, and will not delay the use because the wire is too short.

  1. Diameter

The wire diameter is 3.43mm.

  1. Wire inspection


Xiaobian uses the power-z test table to read the e-marker information inside the wire. From the display screen of the test table, we can see that this Xiaobai series fast charging data cable of Beisi supports 20V 5A 100W high-power charging, and the data transmission standard is USB 2.0.

  1. Line resistance detection

The wire resistance of this 5A 100W wire made by Beisi Xiaobai is tested, and the result shows that the wire resistance is about 133 milliohm.

As a contrast, Xiaobian also selects another dual usb-c data cable which only supports 3a to test the resistance of its wire. The results show that the resistance of 3A wire is about 176 milliohm.

The resistance value of wire affects the charging performance of wire. The resistance value of 3A wire is high, and there is no e-marker chip inside, so it can not support the high current transmission of more than 3a. Limited by the current of 3a, the charging power can only be up to 60W; Due to the built-in e-marker chip, the small white fast charging data cable of Beisi has lower resistance and can carry high current up to 5A, so the wire can support high power charging up to 100W.

4 Summary of charging head network evaluation room

The color of Beisi Xiaobai series fast charging data cable can be selected in black and white. The length of 160cm is enough for daily use, and there is no need to cause trouble in use because of the length of the wire. Moreover, there are baseus logo and 100W parameter identification on the position of the terminal head, which can play a very good role in prompting users who are not clear about the charging power of the wire; Moreover, the type-C terminal of the data cable has been certified by the USB Association, with the TID number of 5210000650, and the built-in e-marker chip of Taiwan Liyi, with the TID number of 1000196. And a semicircular groove is specially designed at the connection between the terminal head and the net tail, which is convenient for users to plug in and out in use. The small design can solve the small trouble of users in use, and the details are well handled.

In terms of performance, Beisi Xiaobai series fast charging data cable supports 100W high-power charging. In the actual test, the notebook charging can shake hands with 20V voltage, open PD fast charging mode, and achieve the full load power of notebook charging. Xiaobian also selected five mobile power supplies supporting 100W charging power to test the wire. After testing, it was found that all of them could reach the power of charging the mobile power supply at full load, up to 104.50w, giving full play to the high performance of the wire.

Now more and more electronic devices have the usb-c charging interface, and the dual usb-c fast charging data cable has been popularized rapidly. In the daily use of users, it is more and more convenient to use the dual usb-c data cable to charge the mobile phone. But for notebook and other high-power electrical equipment, we need to pay attention to the selection of wire. If we use the data cable without e-marker chip, the charging current will be limited to 3a, which certainly can't meet the charging demand of notebook. Beisi's small white series fast charging data cable has built-in e-marker chip, which can carry up to 5A high current, It supports up to 100W charging power, which is enough for office notebook users. It can achieve full charging power for mobile phones, tablets or laptops, and it is also a good choice for daily use.