Super practical function, mobile power also has wireless charging, after going out no long

Mobile phone can be said to be an indispensable product in our daily life. We have to take it with us whether at home or on the road. And now most people are heavy users of mobile phones. The battery of mobile phones is not enough one day. When the power of mobile phones is insufficient, it's ok to say at home, but it's a bit troublesome outside. So the product like power bank can be said to be a necessary accessory for mobile phone users. In the past, we used to use wired and mobile phone connection to realize charging. In recent years, with the popularity of wireless charging, wireless mobile power bank has also come into the sight of users. Today, the writer recommends nineka South card wireless power bank designed and produced by South card. First of all, let's take a look at the appearance of this South card wireless power bank. The overall design is pure black, low-key but not luxurious. The square shape is also very business style, and the front is glass mirror design with power display. In the middle is the difference of supporting wireless charging. If your mobile phone supports wireless charging, you don't need a data cable. You can charge your mobile phone here, which is very convenient.


The back of the South card wireless power bank has a frosted feel, and there is information about this power bank, and the logo of the product is also on it. The capacity of this wireless power bank is 10000mah, and its volume is really very small, only 87 * 87 * 18mm, which can be mastered by one hand. It's really not easy to put 10000mah capacity into a small body, and its appearance is quite good.


In addition, the South card wireless power bank also has a very rich interface, so we don't need to carry wire in the charging process, because the South card power bank has an input and output line, the input can charge the mobile power through USB, and the output can charge the mobile phone with micro USB charging port. In addition, two adapters, a type-C adapter and an apple adapter are attached to the accessories to realize the cable of power bank, so as to prevent users from forgetting the data cable when they go out. What's the most important thing about the power bank? Of course, it's the safety of use. We often see the accidents happened to the fake power bank in the news. The South card mobile power supply uses polymer cell, in addition to the efficient conversion rate, can make charging faster, also has a great guarantee on safety, can control the temperature well, ensure that the mobile phone in the charging process does not burn, do not hurt the mobile phone, let the mobile phone in the charging process more at ease.

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And also has multiple protection functions, such as overcharge protection, over discharge protection, over-current protection, short circuit protection, temperature protection, magnetic field protection, power protection, overvoltage protection, recovery protection, to prevent any accident in the use of charging. Moreover, the rated capacity of South card power bank is 29.6wh, which meets the requirements of civil aviation for less than 100wh, so we can easily take it on the plane.

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In terms of wireless charging, South card power bank adopts the speed of 5W charging, which is really too low in today's era of fast charging, but it is better than none. Moreover, South card has also upgraded its technology to support 6mm Baidu's wireless charging, so even if the mobile phone is wearing a mobile phone cover, it can recognize and charge wirelessly.

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Generally speaking, this power bank is very good. First of all, it is a power bank supporting wireless charging. With the rapid development of wireless charging, this function is very practical. It has a light design and a square shape. It has a good use experience in terms of appearance and carrying. It has a multi interface wire design, It also allows users to avoid forgetting the data line. At present, this product has been online, interested students can pay attention to it.