Storage skills of data cable

  1. Organize data cables

It's human nature to hoard all kinds of wires.


Before storing chargers, power bank, data cable, earphone, battery, etc.

Throw away the broken and unused mobile phone, MP3, charger, power bank, remote control and other small electrical appliances. Get rid of their wiring and chargers.

One data cable with the same function shall be reserved as far as possible. Many data cables have the same interface.


The same USB interface charger, try to keep one. All kinds of data cables can be used.

Try to keep one pair of headphones with the same function.

After finishing sorting, you will only have less than 10 data cables left. I have five data cables

  1. Single storage, upright position

Introduce some cheap and easy-to-use binding tools. Usually they are called: winder, tie buckle, cable management belt, hub, binding belt, tie. Materials from cow hide to hemp rope, plastic have. Their price is about the cheapest less than 1 yuan, generally around 5-10 yuan.

Tie the thread one by one. Find a storage box and put it upright.

Then put it in the drawer where you can store small electrical items or office stationery.

  1. auxiliary tools carried out

Take it out of your storage box when you go out and put it in the mobile or key position in the bag.


You can also use the following portable data cables to store the packets. Usually their names are: data cable storage box, data cable storage package. Their prices range from a few to thirty or forty.