Starting: Apple 96w PD charger makes a better price

We are all familiar with apple 96w charger. The body of this charger is the original Hong Kong version. Because it is delivered in bulk, there will be slight traces of transportation, so it is sold at 90% of the original price. There is no change-over plug when the goods are delivered. The owner will give an additional change-over plug when the goods are delivered. The charger can be connected to MacBook to read the serial number, so as to ensure the authenticity, stable output power, first-class factory quality and geek exclusive. Samples have been tested, please rest assured to take photos.

By using the power-z mf001 to read the charger information, we can query its Sn serial number information.

Using MacBook to read the power information, we can see that the charging head information is consistent with the power-z mf001 detection information.

With the release of 16 inch MacBook Pro, the standard 96w USB PD charger refreshes the charging speed of apple notebook, apple 96w The usb-c power adapter is designed with detachable pins. It also supports the replacement of the global travel converter. When traveling abroad, you can bring the pins of the corresponding countries. The appearance is simple and the style is the same as that of the previous family products. In addition, there is no plug when the product arrives. The store will give one with the product.

The output supports four gears, namely 5.2v 3a, 9V 3a, 15V 3a, 20.5v 4.3a, without 12V gear.