Spring is full, self driving partner: Yise car magnetic wireless charger

The car is the 2018 Passat. Carplay is used to connect with the mobile phone in daily driving, and then realize on-board control such as navigation and Netease cloud music. However, there are still many apps that are not compatible, especially when you want to charge, you have to plug in the data cable. Sometimes you forget to plug in the cable when you get on the car, and it is not convenient to free your hand to operate during driving, On the expressway and high speed, I can only watch the sudden drop of electricity. Magnetic suction wireless charging is undoubtedly the solution to this pain point.

I went to Apple's official website and found that there was one in Yise after searching in Jingdong; In view of the fact that the shells and membranes of mobile phones and tablets at home are all self purchased in Jingdong Yise, this time we will continue to start with Yise's car magnetic wireless charger, and we can solve the urgent problem at half the cost. The product picture is printed on the cover, simple and straightforward.

Protagonist, bracket and charging cable.

Remove the redundant packaging, the three pieces are shown in the figure below.

The back of the main charging panel is shown in the figure below. The edge is the charging interface type-C, and the side is the cooling hole. The other two sides are indicator lights.

The side opposite the charging port is also a cooling hole.

The figure below is the wireless charging area. According to the product page, there are 18 reinforced magnets with a suction of 900g.

3 installation and testing

Loosen the screws in the north of the charging area.

Then put the round head of the bracket through the screw and insert it into the back.

Tighten the screws again.

The support plate can be placed horizontally at most. Special charging line. Take the mobile phone up to have a try, after getting close to it, it is firmly absorbed.

Apple Cable

Hold it up, tilt it up, the phone's steady.

Put the phone down, the phone does not fall down, indicating that the suction is great. 4 in car experience
iPhone 12 charger port
Remove the vehicle bracket into the air outlet of the air conditioner. When inserting, remember to hold the clip and let the clip bite the air outlet fan blade.

At the same time, use the support frame to support. Plug in the charging wire. Because there is a type-C wire in the car, I'll use it for a while. As soon as the power is on, the indicator light will turn blue and go out after about 5 seconds. It is in standby mode.

Put on the mobile phone, the mobile phone will automatically absorb, and the indicator light will be blue, indicating that it is charging.

Give me a full picture. A horizontal screen.

The bracket is relatively firm.

If you look at the bracket from another angle, you can see that there is a baffle to prevent too deep insertion.
iPhone 12 charger port
5 Summary

When desktop magnetic wireless charging becomes a common choice, vehicle magnetic wireless charging also opens a new era. From wired to wireless, it is not only to get rid of the shackles and entanglement of wire, but also to witness the progress of science and technology; It's said that air separation charging has been released. Technology makes life better. I'm looking forward to these amazing high-tech products. In other words, Yise's car magnetic wireless charging is mainly aimed at the iPhone 12 series. For other series of mobile phones that support wireless charging, it can only be said to be a pity. If you want to make up, you still need to buy a mobile phone cover with magnetic absorption. However, on the whole, it only costs about half of the price of apple magsate to experience the perfect car wireless charging, which is quite cost-effective. Finally, if you don't want to be a car wireless charger, you can take it down and put it on the desktop. It's a multi-purpose thing!