South card C1 20W Mini charger: small size, big surprise

"Charge for 5 minutes, talk for 2 hours" is still a classic slogan many years ago. With the development of science and technology, fast charging technology is becoming more and more mature. Most smart phones are equipped with fast charging technology above 18W. Some flagship phones are even equipped with super fast charging technology of 120W. On the contrary, the iPhone still continues the specification of "Wufu Yian". Moreover, the recently launched iPhone 12 has joined the anti-human operation of "no charging head". Through comparison, I bought this South card C1 20W Mini charger. Let's have a look at the experience.

The packaging of this charger is simple and continues the packaging design of South card products. The front is printed with high-definition pictures and main selling points of the charger, and the back is introduced with specifications.

The most intuitive feeling of the charger to me is that it is exquisite and small, with a size of only 32 × 33.5 × 33mm, which is far smaller than that of the ordinary mobile phone charger. It is similar to the size of the iPhone charger. The difference is that it supports a maximum charging power of 20W, far surpassing the "five blessings and one safety" of the iPhone. White square shell, looks like a piece of sugar, small and lovely. The surface is designed with fine sand texture, and the corners adopt arc surface transition, which makes the hand feel delicate. The charger adopts the foldable GB pin design, which makes it more convenient to carry, and is not afraid of scratching the mobile phone in the bag.

South card C1 is designed as usb-c charging port, compatible with pd3.0 fast charging protocol, supports 20W high-power flash charging, adopts global 100v-250v wide voltage design, and matches type-C to type-C and tapy-c to lighting fast charging cable, which can quickly charge Android, apple and other devices. When you charge the iPhone 12, you can get 50% of the power in 25 minutes, more than three times faster than the original iPhone charger.

Surprisingly, fangtang can also automatically identify and match the current of the access device, and intelligently regulate the current. When the power of the mobile phone is low, the full speed fast charging mode will be turned on. When the power of the mobile phone is close to full, it will enter the trickle mode and charge the mobile phone in a gentle way, so as to extend the service life of the mobile phone battery and protect the charging safety.

In terms of safety, the PC shell of South card C1 has good insulation, anti-corrosion, high temperature resistance and fire resistance. When charging, South card C1 can also monitor the temperature of the charger in real time through the built-in intelligent temperature control chip to ensure the safe use of the charger at all times. In addition, South card C1 also has over-voltage protection, over-current protection, short-circuit protection, temperature protection, overcharge protection, over discharge protection, automatic power-off, flame retardant materials and intelligent voltage control nine protection mechanisms, which make us more comfortable to use.

South card C1 20W Mini charger has a small and delicate figure, supports pd3.0 fast charging protocol, and can meet the daily fast charging needs of apple, Huawei and other major brands of mobile phones. The key is that the price is far lower than the official charger, and the cost performance is very outstanding. As a small business travel partner, I believe its performance will not let you down.