Solve the anxiety of mobile phone charging in the car, experience of mobile wireless charging bracket in MOMAX

Now the flagship mobile phones of first-line brands are equipped with wireless charging function. If your mobile phone supports wireless charging, then the on-board wireless charging bracket is an essential equipment. In addition to the home and work place, the car is also a very important charging scene. When you use the on-board wireless charging bracket to charge your mobile phone while driving, you can get a better charging experience.

Use the data cable to charge the mobile phone. Before charging, you need to find a stable position for the mobile phone in the car. When you get off the car, you need to unplug the mobile phone and the data cable, otherwise the car will look very chaotic. If the car wireless charging bracket is used to charge the mobile phone, it is not only more convenient, but also can ensure the cleanliness of the car.

For this reason, I started with this mobile wireless charging bracket of MOMAX intelligent induction before the Spring Festival. I drove to visit relatives and friends during the Spring Festival. This charger didn't make me feel anxious about charging once. I feel that this product is still good, so I made this evaluation for your reference.
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The accessories of the mobile wireless charging bracket of MOMAX are not complicated. In addition to the mobile wireless charging bracket, it is equipped with special fast charging head, clamping arm bracket, type-C charging cable and other accessories. What I want to say here is that there are many English labels in the product manual of MOMAX. Because MOMAX is a Hong Kong enterprise, the company is mainly engaged in mobile phone peripheral products. In addition to supplying domestic products, it also exports to foreign countries, so it is reasonable to use international English.

When I first started using the mobile wireless charging bracket of MOMAX, I felt that the most striking thing was the 15W (max) logo on the mirror back plate. The pure black color matching made it suitable to be placed in various interior cars without any sense of disobedience. There are two clamping arms on the side of the mobile wireless charging bracket and a base under it, which is the same as the layout of the mainstream mobile wireless chargers on the market. They are all fixed on three sides, and the whole is made of PC material, but the clamping arm and base are made of metal.

There are silver metal contacts on both sides of the mobile wireless charging bracket. After power on, as long as you touch any one with your hand, the clamping arm will automatically release, which can make the mobile phone more secure and convenient to take.

The design of the back is relatively simple, mainly the ring lock and product parameter information. This combination of lock ring is also a widely used installation method at present. Combined with the spherical head of the bracket, it can realize 360 ° universal rotation, and it is more convenient to rotate the mobile phone screen when driving.

At the bottom of the mobile wireless charging bracket of MOMAX is the type-C interface of the mobile wireless charging bracket. The output and input parameters have been clearly marked. This hidden back design can hide the cable without affecting the overall appearance. In special cases, it is convenient to connect the charging cable directly with the mobile phone with type-C interface.

The spring strength of the ball head clamping arm bracket is very strong, and it needs to be forced to open. It is also equipped with anti-skid rubber teeth. The end adopts anti falling barb design, which can firmly fix the clamping arm bracket on the air outlet blade. I drive on the country road during the Spring Festival. Although it is bumpy, the mobile phone can still be firmly clamped on the mobile phone clip.

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The matching car charging head adopts dual port design, and supports qc3.0 fast charging protocol. The green interface is dedicated fast charging port, and the white one is ordinary USB interface. The input parameters of this charging head are dc12-24 V, the output parameters of common port are 5V / 2.4a, and the output parameters of fast charging port are 5V / 3a, 9V / 2a, 12V / 1.5A, which meet the fast charging requirements of most mobile phones.

The size of the charging head is the same as that of the ordinary car charging head. It is very reliable to plug into the cigarette lighter of the original car. The charging head has built-in blue indicator light, and the upper and lower dual port design can plug in the recorder interface. The length of the tpye-c charging line is 1 meter, and there is more than one line after a loop. It is suitable for most models.

The installation of the mobile wireless charging bracket of MOMAX is relatively simple. Just fix the clamping arm on the blade of the air conditioner outlet, combine it with the mobile wireless charging bracket, and tighten the lock ring on the back. Before you buy, you should observe the shape of the air outlet of your car's air conditioner in advance. For some round and irregular air outlets, you can't install them. Please pay attention to this. If you don't understand it, please ask the official customer service before you place the order.

The mobile phone is placed on the base, which will trigger the gravity sensor. The clamping arms on both sides will shrink automatically to clamp the mobile phone. However, it is only suitable for mobile phones with a width of 4.7-6.7 inches.

It feels good in actual use. There is no shaking in the clamping arm. The two clamping arms are also equipped with elastic rubber, which will not damage the mobile phone. When the mobile phone is placed in it, the car wireless charging bracket can quickly charge the mobile phone wirelessly. If your mobile phone is wearing a case, the charger can be clamped and charged at the same time, so you don't need to take off the case when charging.

For people who often use mobile phone navigation, it is necessary to support 360 ° adjustment. After clamping the mobile phone, the angle of the mobile phone can be adjusted at will. It is also good to use it as a mobile phone bracket in daily life.

Compared with the ordinary mobile phone bracket, the mobile wireless charging bracket of MOMAX has certain advantages. As long as it is placed on the bracket, it can charge the mobile phone wirelessly and avoid the hidden danger of looking for the line when driving. The 15W qc3.0 fast charging protocol and intelligent gravity sensing are its core highlights. However, the mobile wireless charging bracket of MOMAX can not be directly installed on the round and irregular air outlet vehicles, which is the biggest disadvantage of this product. If you have a better car wireless charging bracket, please communicate in the comments area~