Solar portable charger made by ourselves

In our daily life, mobile phones, digital cameras, Walkman and other electronic equipment are equipped with recyclable rechargeable batteries. When the rechargeable batteries are insufficient, they can be recharged by the charger. The current chargers are divided into seat chargers and travel chargers. The seat charger directly connects the rechargeable batteries to the 220 V socket power supply Travel charger is also known as mobile power supply, which is a set of power supply and charging functions in one charger; while mobile power supply can only charge the rechargeable battery when it reserves a certain amount of power; so whether it is a seat charger or a travel charger, it must be powered by a 220 V socket power supply, which can not be truly realized "Anytime and anywhere" power supply for electronic equipment, so there are some limitations, poor portability.

Outdoors, the use of personal electronic devices continues to grow, creating a demand for portable power solutions to charge these devices. Portable solar panels have become the preferred power supply.

It is suitable for business trip, travel, long-distance travel, field operation and other environments; the portable charger can be charged at any time whether indoors or outdoors; it can be used for lighting; and it can meet different voltage work. And more convenient and portable. The specific steps are as follows:
Complete battery chip

1、 Solar cell cutting

According to the required voltage and current, cut the battery into the corresponding size. In general, the open circuit voltage of a solar cell is about 0.5-0.6V, the voltage of the glue plate = the number of small cells * 0.6V, and the current of the glue plate is proportional to the area of the small cells. When laser scribing, it is necessary to pay attention to the setting power, frequency and scribing speed of the laser. The scribing depth should be kept at two-thirds and cannot be cut through.
Battery slice after cutting
2、 Cell welding
The battery piece is welded, and a plurality of thin welding strips are used for bridging, and the delimited battery pieces are connected in series one by one. Before welding, the welding strip must be soaked in flux for a period of time and used after drying. Welding iron must use constant temperature iron, welding time should be fast and accurate.
3、 Pasting and fixing
Stick double-sided tape on the adhesive dropping base plate and stick the welded battery piece on. The welding strip passes through the small hole of the adhesive dropping base plate to the back and is welded to the pad.
Fix it with double-sided adhesive tape and thread out the positive and negative leads
4、 Detection
After welding, it is necessary to check. Put the semi-finished product of glue dropping plate on the test bench, and measure the current and voltage value through the irradiation of iodine tungsten lamp.

The open circuit voltage is 7V and the working voltage is 5V
5、 Gutta percha package
Place the qualified semi-finished products on the dropping table, and take glue a and glue B according to the mass ratio. Mix AB group 1:2 and stir evenly. The mixed glue is injected into the dropping bottle, and then the glue is injected into the front of the patch board from the dropping bottle, and the glue on the patch board is evenly distributed with tools.
Inject AB glue below
6、 Drying
Put the vacuum treated glue dropping board into the oven and heat it to solidify the glue. Control at about 60 degrees, the time is about 2 hours, if there is no oven, you can dry the glue in the sun.
Solar panels of different shapes can be made
7、 Welding charging line
After testing the current and voltage of the glue dropping board again, fix the junction box and weld the corresponding charging line according to the connector specification of the mobile phone or charging product. If you increase the charging current, you can add one more solar panel of the same specification for grid connection, so that the charging time of mobile phone can be accelerated. The two solar panels are fixed with small hinges, which can be folded and stored more conveniently.
Advantages of new energy
With the development of economy and the progress of society, people put forward higher and higher requirements for energy, and it is an urgent task for human beings to find new energy. There are four sources of power sources, namely thermal power, hydropower, nuclear power and wind power.
Thermal power needs to burn fossil fuels such as coal and oil. On the one hand, the fossil fuel reserves are limited and the less burned, it is facing the risk of exhaustion; on the other hand, combustion will discharge the oxides of carbon dioxide and sulfur, which will lead to greenhouse effect and acid rain, and worsen the earth environment.
If hydropower is to submerge a large amount of land, it may cause ecological environment damage, and the consequences of large reservoirs will be unpredictable once they collapse. In addition, the water resources of a country are limited and also affected by seasons.
Nuclear power is clean under normal circumstances, but in case of nuclear leakage, the consequences are also terrible. The accident of Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the former Soviet Union has caused 9 million people to be damaged to varying degrees; at 13:46 on March 11, 2011, a magnitude 9.0 Earthquake Occurred in Fukushima, Japan, which caused the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident that shocked the international world, resulting in 30 km of the nuclear power plant becoming an unmanned area; the marine resources of 5km around the world will be affected by different degrees or marine biological variation.

As a clean renewable energy, wind power generation has a wide development prospect. Wind power is a big reserve, and the extensive development of wind power is an effective way to solve the shortage of energy supply in China; wind power is a clean energy application and an effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

New energy should meet two conditions at the same time: one is that the rich and rich resources will not be exhausted; the other is safety and cleanliness, which will not threaten human beings and destroy the environment. There are two main types of new energy sources found, one is solar energy and the other is fuel cell.

① Solar energy resources are inexhaustible and inexhaustible. The solar energy that shines on the earth is 6000 times larger than the energy consumed by human beings. Moreover, solar energy is widely distributed on the earth. Solar power generation system can be used as long as there is light, which is not limited by regional and altitude factors.

② Solar energy resources are available everywhere, and can be supplied nearby, without long-distance transmission, which avoids the loss of power caused by long-distance transmission lines.

It is a new renewable energy with real green and environmental protection, which does not emit any substances including greenhouse gases and other exhaust gases, does not pollute air, generates noise, is environmentally friendly, and will not be impacted by energy crisis or instability of fuel market.

Human beings have only one earth, so it is imperative to use new energy. At the same time, the existing non renewable energy exploitation is basically completed. For future generations and for the development of the country, we must explore and develop new energy!