Smart glasses concept stock

Intelligent wearability refers to the application of wearable technology in the intelligent design of daily wear and the development of wearable devices, such as glasses, gloves, watches, clothing and shoes. The purpose of smart wear is to explore a new way of interaction between human and technology, and provide exclusive and personalized services for everyone. Intelligent wearable device is a kind of technology device with far-reaching significance. It will lead the next wearable revolution. We are moving towards a new world where technology interacts with people. Google, apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Sony, Olympus and many other technology companies are competing to join the wearable device industry and make in-depth exploration in this new field.

Related concept stocks include danbang technology, Geer acoustics, iFLYTEK, Jiuan medical, huanxu electronics, etc.

Crystal optoelectronic (002273) optical lens glass, sapphire substrate, optical low-pass filter, micro projector

Phoenix Optics (600071) optical lens

Lida photoelectric (002189) optical lens

Goethe acoustics (002241) speaker - mini microphone, mini speaker / receiver

Gongda electroacoustic (002655) speaker - micro microphone, micro speaker / receiver

Xinjialian (002188) speaker - micro microphone, micro speaker / receiver

IFLYTEK (002230) Chinese speech recognition software

Xinwanda (300207) battery

Desai battery (000049) battery

Xinwei communication (300136) antenna

Schubert (300322) antenna

Maijie Technology (300319) antenna module, chip inductor

Huanxu Electronics (601231) assembly / OEM WiFi module

LCOS chip of Changjiang Communication (600345)

Infrared cutoff filter of alpha ray (002456)

Jinlong electromechanical (300032) micro motor

Changying precision (300115) anti electromagnetic wave device

1. Digital video (300079): manufacturers with a full range of somatosensory technologies can project digital content into holograms and interact with the real world.

2. Hikvision (002415): it has the first industrial stereo camera and industrial area array camera in China. In addition to providing image data, it can also provide depth information data to realize three-dimensional perception of objects.

3. Eason display (002751): engaged in business chain terminal integration services, providing virtual display services.

4. BOE a (000725): focusing on wearable intelligent devices, it has a good technology accumulation in the field of virtual reality, which helps to enter the field of virtual reality at any time.

Smart glasses will create a new consumer electronics market. Smart glasses not only have the function of smart phones, but also have the killer mace to meet the needs of consumers' portability and large screen visual experience. As the replacement and effective supplement of smart phones in the future, we believe that smart glasses will be another revolutionary product in the field of consumer electronics after personal computers and smart phones. Smart glasses concept stocks mainly include crystal optoelectronics, goer acoustics, Ruisheng technology, Lida optoelectronics, etc.