Small and exquisite, portable and fast -- QCY pd20W charger

Since the launch of iPhone 12 last year, the concept of green environmental protection has been introduced, and chargers are no longer given away when buying mobile phones. This provides users with two options: first, as an old iPhone user, if you can tolerate slow charging speed, you can continue to use the ancestral "Wufu Yian" charger; second, you can choose a charger with PD fast charging protocol, so that the charging speed will be faster. Recently, I have the honor to get qcy image pd20w charger (hereinafter referred to as "qcy pd20w charger") on Yizhi mushroom platform. Today, I would like to share with you the actual experience of this charger.

The packaging of qcy pd20w charger is very simple. It is a small square box. The front of the box is marked with "qcy" and the product picture. The product has several selling points: 20W high power, multi protocol compatibility and small size. The back of the box lists the specific parameters of the product, safety precautions and specific information of the manufacturer.

Qcy pd20w charger is a small white square with a type-C interface. It's about 46.6g light as a whole. It's small and delicate. It's easy to put into your pocket. It's a good partner for business travel.

Qcy pd20w charging line is packed in plastic bags, which is used with charger. It is worth mentioning that the charging line needs to be purchased separately.

The length of qcy pd20w charging line is 1.2m. It is made of metal + nylon material and high-purity tinned copper cell. The charging line is very firm, safe and textured.

The plug shell is made of aluminum alloy, and the fully covered net tail design is stable and resistant to plugging, and the interface is not easy to be broken. The head and body of the thread are reinforced and passed a number of reliable and high-strength tests to bring users a better and safer experience.

Because I use IOS devices, I choose qcy pd20w charging cable with type-C to lightning port, which can not only charge mobile phones and other electronic devices, but also support data transmission. If it is an Android device, you need to select the type-C to type-C or type-A to type-C charging cable.

Qcy pd20w charger has passed the 3C authority certification, with power management chip, PD fast charging protocol chip, synchronous rectifier chip and other three intelligent chips, as well as multiple protection functions, making fast charging safe and reliable.

In the process of repeatedly charging the iPhone XS max, I really feel that the charging speed is very fast, 16% for 11 minutes and 20% for 15 minutes.

This is mainly due to the fact that qcy pd20w charger has a variety of fast charging protocols of 20W high power + Pd / QC, is widely compatible with mainstream devices, supports IOS / Android system, and can be charged by mobile phones, flat earphones, etc.

In the process of charging, the charger has good temperature control, only slightly hot in the whole charging process, which is completely within the acceptable safety range.

In a word, qcy pd20w charger is a compact, portable and reliable charger, which supports a variety of fast charging protocols. It is very convenient to carry and use when traveling or on business, and it can power your various electronic devices at any time. Finally, the author puts forward a suggestion: the charger is slightly monotonous in color matching. At present, there is only one color matching in white, and we expect to have a variety of color matching options in the follow-up products.