Shooting video is no longer afraid of being found, wearing glasses can shoot video, the camera artifact

Smartphone along with the development of the Internet has become an indispensable part of people's life, all aspects of life work is inseparable from the mobile phone, a mobile phone can solve all the problems, to pay, shopping, trading one of the most common problems, such as can be done on a mobile phone camera, in addition to these functions and people very like,
Don't like before and take a photo to wash out a few days, but now as long as the chosen his mobile phone to take a few seconds to take pictures, and can be saved to the phone, can take out, in addition to taking pictures can also have the function of shoot video, along with the short video in recent years, as long as the registered account in a platform, approval can send video,
Can publish their work life to the platform, and the net friend to share their life, don't have to envy television actor life, they can do the director and actors, already realize the dream of many people unwilling to mediocrity, released a short video can not only let others see you, and there are certain income, the more you will see the more people own benefits,
Many people are on a short video became the get rid of the fate of the work, take a few video every day more than work income, some people depend on video for decades, less to buy a car to buy a house and found a wife, but a lot of people to take people to find their own subjects, with a mobile phone to the somebody else is likely to let people dislike, out of respect for the convenient,
Recently, eyeglass cameras have been invented to solve the problem of embarrassing people.

Wearing glasses is not necessarily a real myopic learned person, may also be an ordinary "we media author."
Glasses camera and ordinary eyes there is no difference, just appearance looks bigger than normal eyes, under the camera in the middle of the glasses, very concealment is not easy to find, open the key in the leg to the left side of the lens, a key can control switch, open is the beginning, the middle talk can also be recorded to the inside, recorded a key can be shut down,
Support and connection to mobile phones, recorded video can be directly saved to the inside of the mobile phone.
Others can not find themselves in the shooting, to solve a lot of photography lovers embarrassing problem.

The popularity of short video has attracted countless people to join this industry. When you pick up a mobile phone to shoot, it is easy to be found by others, and you are embarrassed to shoot any more. With the glasses camera, you can shoot boldly.