Selling mobile phones without chargers, fast charging standards are different, is it too urgent to reduce the allocation of environmental protection?

Selling mobile phones without chargers, fast charging standards are different, is it too urgent to reduce the allocation of environmental protection?

Apple has been fined $1.9 million by Brazil's consumer protection regulator for selling an iPhone 12 without a charger. In fact, after apple made a start, three mobile phone manufacturers, Samsung, Meizu and Xiaomi, have joined the ranks of selling mobile phones without chargers. However, at this stage, the standard of fast charging protocol has not been unified, and consumers often have to buy another charger for new mobile phones. In this regard, many users appeal that reducing the waste of chargers is an environmentally friendly move, but consumers can not be deprived of the right to choose in a "one size fits all" blunt way.

Apple was fined $1.9 million

In October 2020, Apple released a new iPhone 12 series, one of the four new models is that no charger or headset is attached. Apple's explanation is that, as power adapter and other accessories have billions of global ownership, the new accessories are often idle, so the iPhone product line will no longer be accompanied by these accessories, which will reduce carbon emissions, as well as the exploitation and use of rare raw materials.

However, Apple's move is not only unacceptable to many consumers, but also a ticket for it. Apple was fined $1.9 million in Sao Paulo, Brazil, for its decision to remove power adapters from the new iPhone's packaging and mislead customers on its waterproof performance.

"Should new phones be attached with a charging head?" After Apple's punishment was reported, discussions about mobile phone chargers hit Sina Weibo's topic list. Of the 370000 users' voting, 95% of users thought the charger was standard, only 5% of users thought that giving or not was reasonable or that it was reducing resource waste.

"Without the charging head is a hundred harm to consumers, there is no profit, the normal use rights and interests are damaged, and the use cost is also increasing obviously." Many netizens have suggested that mobile phone manufacturers should let consumers choose to choose whether they need it or not, rather than "one size fits all".

Multiple models follow up to cancel charger

Will selling a mobile phone without a charger become a new trend? The market is still in the observation period. So far, three mobile phone manufacturers have followed up on the policy in new models.

iPhone 12 charger

Samsung's Galaxy S21 flagship, launched in January, has removed chargers and headphones for the first time, with only a charging line attached. Meizu 18 series mobile phones, released in early March, cancelled the attached charger on the basis of "one more unnecessary charger", but launched a recycling scheme, two used chargers can replace one of the original chargers of Meizu.

On the evening of March 29, the new Xiaomi 11 Pro was divided into three versions: Standard Version, package version and super package version. The standard version also does not include charger and headset. Unlike Apple's approach, millet gives consumers a variety of choices: if there are already many chargers at hand, you can buy a standard version without chargers; If a new charger is needed, you can choose the charging package version, which is standard with 67 watt quick charging head, which is worth 129 yuan, but still purchased for 0 yuan; There are also 199 yuan super package version, with 80 watt wireless charging base.

"Most people have bought more than one cell phone, there are many chargers in the home, and there will be a lot of free chargers that will be idle." As the smartphone market enters the era of stock switching, selling a mobile phone without a charger may gradually become a direction, said xiangligang, an independent Telecom observer.

The fast charging standard needs to be unified

No longer comes with a charger, the most direct benefit is to reduce the generation of electronic waste. As Samsung said, many users like to reuse existing chargers and headphones, and new chargers and headphones will only be left in the packaging box for standby. They believe that removing chargers and headphones in the packaging will reduce the accumulation of unused accessories and avoid waste.

However, consumers have found that at least at this stage, after buying a new phone, they often have to buy another charger“ When the old charger charges the iPhone 12, it can only achieve a standard charging power of 5 watts, while the iPhone 12 supports 20 Watt fast charging. " Ms. Sun said that in order to experience a more efficient charging speed, she first bought an apple official 20 Watt charger for 149 yuan, and bought a green union certified 20 Watt charger for 99 yuan. "One for home use, one for unit use." Data shows that several Apple third-party charger brands saw a monthly sales increase of over ten thousand at the end of last year.

If the mobile phone brand is replaced, even if the old charger supports fast charging, it may not run fast on the new model. For example, Huawei's super fast charging and Xiaomi super fast charging are all 40 Watt power. However, when charging Xiaomi mobile phone with Huawei's fast charging charger, only 10 watts of ordinary charging can be realized. In other words, only when the charger and mobile phone are the same brand can consumers experience the sense of "charging for a few minutes, talking for hours".

Apple Charger Cable

"As the fast charging agreement of major mobile phone manufacturers has not reached a uniform standard, it is difficult for users to enjoy the experience of" one charger all over the world " Xiang said that the current mainstream public and private fast charging agreements on the market, the total number of nearly 10. In the future, only when the standards of the fast charging protocol are unified can users truly get out of their concerns about charging adaptation, "of course, it will take time for the agreement to be fully unified, and the charger should be attached to the high-end mobile phone before that."