Samsung's new wireless charger has been upgraded from 7.5W to 9W

Samsung will hold a global launch of its new products at 10 o'clock this evening. We must have known the main products at the launch. The new Galaxy note 20 series mobile phones, Galaxy bugs live headphones and Galaxy Tab S7 tablet are currently exposed. The detailed parameters of each product have also been exported. For those who pay attention to digital, this press conference only needs to put a PPT to announce the price. It has to be said that Samsung's confidentiality work still needs to be strengthened( Of course, it may be intentional.)

In addition to these main products, Samsung may also update its accessories. According to Roland Quandt (@ rquandt), Samsung will bring its new vertical charger, model ep-n3300.

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The appearance of the charger is similar to the model currently on sale. It has black and white color matching. The obvious improvement is that the support behind the charger can be folded up. Users can use vertical and horizontal charging methods.


iPhone 12 charger

In addition to the body, the outer packaging is also exposed. It's not much different from last year, but it's marked with "9W fast". Samsung's current vertical wireless charger can charge Samsung mobile phones with 15W wireless power. As a brand new product, the charging power should not be lower, so I think it refers to the speed under the standard Qi protocol. After all, the existing product is only 7.5W. There is also a label on the box: support for specific Samsung and apple devices.

iPhone 12 charger

A minor detail is that this year's model is ep-n3300, while last year's model was ep-n5200. Think of last year's release price of 599 yuan, presumably this will not be cheap. And this year, Samsung's pioneer plan has been launched, and did not mention the addition of wireless chargers. In view of this price, I personally suggest to see if there will be a surprise in the booking of offline stores