Samsung UV sterilizer released: 10 minutes for mobile phone cleaning and sterilization, but also wireless charging

During the global COVID-19 epidemic, Samsung has just released a new product that is particularly suitable for its development. It is a new 10W wireless charger. It can use ultraviolet lamp to sterilize the mobile phone while charging the mobile phone battery. Samsung said that the charger could kill 99% of the bacteria. There is no additional explanation as to whether New Coronavirus COVID-19 can be killed.

iPhone 12 charger

Last week, news about the charger first came from Samsung in Thailand, but the company has released the product worldwide. According to Samsung's introduction, this UV lamp takes 10 minutes to disinfect the mobile phone from beginning to end. After disinfection, the UV light will automatically turn off to avoid damage to the device, and the mobile phone can still be charged continuously after that. Samsung said the internal compartment of the sterilizer can hold up to 196 meters × ninety-six × 33mm,so most mobile phones on the market can be used.

iPhone 12 charger

This UV sterilized charger costs 1590 baht (about 362 yuan) in Thailand. It's not the only product on the market that combines a wireless charger with an ultraviolet sterilizer. Just last month, mophie and invisible shield launched their own similar products for $80 and $60, respectively, according to techcrunch.

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According to the National Academy of Sciences, the Academy of engineering and the medical school of the United States, because ultraviolet rays can indeed kill other coronaviruses, "maybe" it can also kill this time's covid-19 coronavirus. However, as pointed out by CNET, there is no published paper to prove it. So, of course, it's a good thing to have this product, but we must not relax the implementation of necessary measures such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently and keeping social distance.