Recommended charging equipment for home trip (power bank, car charger)

Recommended charging equipment for home trip (power bank, car charger)
When the Spring Festival is approaching, there must be many friends who are ready to go home. So on the journey home, you must have a charging device for your mobile phone. So what kind of charging equipment should we take to go out and set foot on the way home? Next, we will recommend charging devices.

How to choose mobile phone power bank?

According to the regulations of CAAC on the carrying of power bank in 2014, individuals can carry a power bank with a maximum rated energy of no more than 100wh. Therefore, the power bank recommended below will be recommended for you according to the regulations of CAAC, so as to facilitate your travel.

For each mobile phone, the fastest charging speed is to use its own private protocol, so let's take a look at the power bank that can quickly charge for supporting private protocol.

1. Huawei 40W super fast charging mobile power supply:

The capacity of this power bank is 12000mah, which can provide 40W charging speed for Huawei's mobile phones. At the same time, it is compatible with previous FCP, SCP, QC, PD and other charging protocols, and can be used to charge other mobile phones and notebook computers supporting PD charging. A usb-a port output and a usb-c bidirectional interface are provided. If you want to charge faster with Huawei series mobile phones, this power bank is a good choice. The power bank weighs about 225.5g and now sells for 329 yuan.

2. Oppo vooc flash charging mobile power supply 2 30W version:

This mobile power supply has a capacity of 10000mah, supports oppo's vooc charging protocol, and can provide up to 30W charging for mobile phones that support vooc series charging protocols. It also supports charging protocols of QC and PD. It can also charge devices that support other protocols. Configure a usb-a output and a usb-c bidirectional interface. Mobile phones using vooc series charging protocol can consider this one. Now the price is 199 yuan.

2. Vivo 33W 10000mah bidirectional flash charging mobile power supply:

The capacity of this power bank is 10000mah, and it can output 33W power for the mobile phone that supports 33W fast charging of vivo series. It adopts a usb-a output design and a usb-c and micro-b input design. The power bank weighs 231g and is now selling for 269 yuan.

3. Xiaomi mobile power 3 20000mah super flash charging version:

The battery has a capacity of 20000mah. It supports 40W charging power for Xiaomi 9 pro, usb-a interface, 27W fast charging, apple 2.4a, Samsung AFC, FCP, QC 3.0 fast charging protocols for Xiaomi mobile phone, and ucb-c interface supports PD protocol. The maximum output of PD is 50W. Two usb-a outputs and one usb-c bidirectional interface are adopted. The weight is about 447g, and the current price is 249 yuan. In addition, there is a 10000mah version, but the interface has only one usb-a output and one usb-c bidirectional, and the price is 249 yuan.

In addition to the private protocol, most of the above-mentioned power bank are also compatible with similar PD and qc3.0, which can provide 15-20w charging power for many mobile phones nowadays. The versatility is also good. In addition, there are also some power bank that do not use these private agreements, and their prices can be further reduced, providing the main charging agreement and achieving higher cost performance. For example, the following.