Recommendation of multi port charger / charger and multi port charger in 2021

Recently, I just started a multi port gallium nitride charger with gallium nitride 100W, which is called Yixiang. It has solved many problems in my work. So today, let's talk about the multi port gallium nitride charger I started.

For GaN charging head, I have written two articles specifically for Android mobile phones before. If you are interested, you can go in and have a look

65W Gan charging head / charger recommendation, Gan dual port charger / power bank full price recommendation

In recent years, the development of charger industry is particularly vigorous. High power chargers appear one after another, including Gan 65W charger, 100W charger and 120W charger. Don't feel familiar when you see them. They must be very big. They are basically the same size as your laptop charger. This change is due to the application of Gan in recent years

However, some friends think that I can't use a 100W charger at all. My mobile phone supports super fast charging. In fact, it is not. For multi port charger, 100W power is only one of its functions. The most important thing is that it can provide multi port fast charging function at the same time. It allows you to charge two mobile phones at the same time. (for friends with two mobile phones, it's an egg)

Let's give an example. I believe many of my friends like to take a notebook, bring their favorite mobile phone, order a cup of coffee, sit in Starbucks, and work hard. Generally speaking, the usual 65 port charger is difficult to meet the power demand of mobile phones and laptops at the same time. If you are a travel blogger, you will have more stringent requirements on the power of the device, so at this time, a high-power multi port charger that can support fast charging is what you need.
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How important is the charger agreement?
Recommendation of 65W three port charger
Recommendation of 100W multi port charger
Recommendation of 120W multi port charger
01. How important is the charger agreement?
In fact, we have been talking about charging protocol. How important is charging protocol for charging? In short, the charging protocol is to turn on the key of fast charging. Without this key, there is basically no way to carry out fast charging. Therefore, in order to realize fast charging, we must first understand what are the current charging protocols
At present, there are many families in kuaicheng
Qualcomm (qc4.0)
Huawei (quick charge) Hisilicon fast charge and Huawei fast charge
Pump express / pump express plus
Oppo (vooc Technology)
USB PD protocol
Apple 2.4 protocol
At the same time, the following models support different charging protocols:
Huawei: the highest SCP, compatible with FCP
Xiaomi: up to 25-30w pps3a, compatible with QC
Glory: highest compatible with FCP
Oppo: up to 5v4a vooc compatible with PD
Samsung: up to 25W pps3a, some models can reach 45W, compatible with PD and AFC
Vivo: there is no public license agreement
IPhone: up to 20W PD compatible
The above arrangement is about the charging protocol of mobile phones on the market, and the compatible fast charging protocol. You can compare the choices.
Here are some cost-effective multi port chargers.
Recommendation of 65W three port charger
01. Beisi three port charger
Single port: C1, C2 support 65W, USB support 60W
Dual port: C1 + C2 uses 45W + 18W at the same time, C1 + USB uses 45W + 18W at the same time, C2 + USB uses 15W at the same time
Three ports: 45W for C1, 15W for C2 + USB
Compatibility: C1, C2 are compatible, PPS USB compatible, SCP, FCP, AFC, apple 2.4, PE+
02. Nubia three port charger
03. Ruiliang three port charger
04. Zhengtuo three port charger
C1 and C2 support blind insertion of 65W,
The maximum output of usb-a is 30W,
The working mode of C1 + C2 is 45W + 20W
C1 + A is 45W + 18W,
C2 + A is 15W
The C1 + C2 + a mode is 45W + 15W
100W four port charger
01. Beisi 100W four port charger
Single port: C1 / C2 supports blind insertion with a maximum output of 100W; A1 / A2 supports blind insertion with a maximum output of 60W;
Dual port: C1 + C2, working mode: 65W + 30W; a1 + A2: 5V / 3A; C1 + A1 (or A2) / C2 + A1 (or A2): 65W + 30W;
Three ports: C1 + C2 + A1 / A2 mode is 60W + 20W + 18W, C1 (or C2) + A1 + A2 mode is 65W + 15W
Four ports: C1 + C2 + A1 + A2, 60W + 20W + 15W.
02. Anker100w four port charger
120W four port charger
01. Beisi 120W charger
02. Black Shark 120W charger
03 、 vivo 120W charger