Recommend 11 Android fast charging data cables of big brands in 2021

1 Experience of buying data cable

Seriously, the data cable is a consumable. I believe you all have similar experiences with me. My mobile phone can still play king glory and eat chicken, but my original type-C data cable is on the verge of death.

(think about it. It's less than two years since we've been together. How can you just leave me like this? Xiaoqiang, you don't want to, Xiaoqiang...)

Original data cable. It's dead


Then, my friends and I went to the county to play together, thinking about saving some things, and we could get them on the same day. So I stopped by the mall and bought two data cables of different brands. As a result, the charging speed was very slow, just like tortoise speed, which could not achieve the effect of fast charging.

But I remember that before I bought it, I specifically told the salesperson to charge the line quickly with type-c.

If something goes wrong, go and return it. People say that you can't return it if you open it.

My tens of yuan is just like this

It's nothing. I think a master like me turned over a boat in this small ditch,

I feel like I've been crushed,

It's not harmful, but it's insulting.

Ah... MMP, draw a circle.

Well, why do I want convenience?


2 What are the recommended big brand data lines

Afterwards, I sorted out the big brand data lines on the Internet.

(if you walk by the river, you can't keep your shoes wet. I hope you can take me as a warning and try to buy famous brands.)


The fast charging data line is different from 3a, 5A and 6A.

The fastest charging supported by 3a is up to 33W. While 6A can support 65W and 120W at most.

Buy according to your own needs.

  1. Green Alliance

Lvlian started as OEM, mainly making mobile phone accessories and 3C accessories. It is cheap enough and famous for its cost performance. Its products sell well in Asia, Europe and America, and many people like it.

  1. Xiaomi

Xiaomi, the pioneer of cost-effective mobile phone. The same is true of Xiaomi's data line.

  1. Purple Rice

Zimi also started as an OEM. For example, Xiaomi's data cable and power bank are basically made by Zimi.

  1. Pinsheng

Pinsheng also started as an accessory manufacturer. It has thousands of stores online and offline.

  1. Romanis

Romanex is mainly engaged in power supply and battery. In 2013, romanex ranked first in the mobile power market, with fast charging line.

  1. Beisi

Beisi, a famous accessory manufacturer, also makes Bluetooth headset, a big manufacturer in the industry.

  1. Momis

Founded in Hong Kong and founded in 1999, MOMEX is not well-known in China, but it has long been a first-line brand in the field of mobile phone accessories in Hong Kong and Singapore.


Oppo original line, oppo mobile phone users can consider


Vivo original line, vivo mobile phone users can consider

  1. Huawei

Huawei original line, Huawei mobile phone users can consider.

  1. Jingdong jingzao

Jingdong jingzao, its own brand. Cooperate with first-line factories to produce cost-effective products, so that a good life is not so expensive.