Reader's letter No.13: does Xiaomi 100W charger support private agreement?

Recently, the weather in Shenzhen is getting hotter and hotter, and summer is coming. For chargers, which are easy to heat themselves, we should be more considerate. It's normal for high-power head to be hot. Usually, we still try to choose big brands and reliable channels to buy them. Now, let's get down to business and see what questions you've sent this week.

1. At present, the most suitable charger for Xiaomi 10 pro, in addition to the original, there are other smaller ones can be recommended? The budget is less than 150 yuan.

A: the first choice is millet 65W Gan 149 yuan, with 5A CC line in the package. Secondly, Xiaomi 55W Gan is OK, as long as 99 yuan, and also send magic to change the line, you can turn on your own 5A PPS fast charge. Third party chargers on the market can only operate up to 3A PPS, which is not very fast. I will not mention it here.

2. Does Beisi 65W Gan PD charger support 45W notebook and Apple phone charging at the same time?

A: Yes. In this case, the output strategy is often 45W + 18W or 45W + 20W, depending on the load of notebook and mobile phone.

3. Is there an MFI certified PD line to charge Apple 20W?

A: PD line has no MFI certification, only lightning line has MFI certification. If it's a flat panel with a type-C interface, it's ok as long as it's a CtoC cable. If it's a mobile phone or tablet with lightning port, choose type-C to lightning cable, which is the apple cable of c94 head. It is suggested to choose reliable brands such as Anker, lvlian, MOMAX, Xiaomi and Zimi.

4. Please recommend Samsung s20u third-party charger, millet 65W Gan OK? Will it damage the battery?

A: Samsung s20u supports 4A PPS, and its peak value can reach 39W instantly. Therefore, it is recommended to choose 65W Gan with PPS. For example, zhengtuo 65W, Beisi 65W, Nubia 65W, etc. of course, millet 65W gallium nitride can also be used. Secondly, whether to hurt the battery is a common topic. The chargers purchased by big brands through regular channels are generally not a big problem.

5. Which charger of Apple iPhone se2 has the fastest charging speed?

A: the normal charging power of this mobile phone is between 11W and 13W. According to our previous test, the speed of 18W C-Port PD head is very close to that of 5v2.4a 12W a. So it can be said that as long as it's not the 5W garbage head, other chargers are almost the same.

6. Looking for a charging head supporting Huawei mate40 pro and iPad air4?

A: it is recommended to choose a charger with 65W level of 1a1c or 1a2c, such as zhengtuo 65W 2c1a, Beisi 65W 2c1a, Nubia 65W 2c1a, flash 65W 2c1a, McDowell 65W 2c1a, etc. Their a port supports Huawei 22.5w protocol, and their C port can turn on 30W PD.

7. What's the difference between Xiaomi 33W and Zimi 33W?

A: the color of the shell is different, one black and one white. The attached thread Zimi 33W is 1.5m, Xiaomi 33W is 1m. The packing box is different, the other Yimao is the same.

8. Can one port of mophie 65W Gan charger charge the switch base while the other port charges Android?

A: Yes. At this time, the A-port is usually about 9v2a 18W output.

9. Does redmibook Pro 15 original 100W charger support Xiaomi private protocol?

A: No. This charger is pure PD protocol, does not support PPS, only ordinary QC.

10. Does mophie 65W Gan charger support PPS?

A: No. According to the actual measurement, most mobile phones with PPS can only shake hands with ordinary QC protocol.

Summary of charging head network

Recently, we found that the demand for multi port high-power chargers is more and more strong, and even many 65W multi port chargers can not meet our appetite. Now we need 100W to start, the requirements are higher and higher, and the competition will be more and more fierce. If you have any problems or strange ideas, you are welcome to write to us. See you next time.