pring Festival home! I'll take a look when I drive back! Wireless charging bracket, navigation and charging

How to use mobile phone safely when driving? This is a difficult problem.

Xiaobian also suggests that you watch your mobile phone as little as possible while driving. But inevitably, sometimes we need to use mobile navigation, and even answer some important calls. So, when you use it, the cell phone will soon run out of power.

But charging the car is too much trouble!

Every time you answer a phone call or return a message, you have to unplug the charging cable first, and plug it back when you finish. It's easy to have accidents when attention is occupied. Just think about it: when you are driving on the highway by navigation, you have to find out where the charging jack of your mobile phone is when your mobile phone runs out of power.

At this time, other vehicles are speeding by. If you don't pay attention, you may

It seems convenient to stick the mobile phone on the windshield, but it can't be charged, and it's easy to block the sight.

Sucker class is more infuriating! I can't stick to it after using it for a long time or with dust. I'll give you a spin jump from time to time

If you're not careful, the mobile phone will fall down, and the screen will be broken for you!

Want to solve the above problem, I found this for the old drivers - Wireless charging vehicle bracket!

It is not only a mobile phone bracket, but also a wireless charger.

If the mobile phone is gently placed on the bracket, it will automatically charge you and improve your car's battery life in one second.

Both apple and Android can be used. Even if the mobile phone does not support wireless charging, it can also be charged (as for how to charge, I will talk about it later)

Charging and navigation are both correct, driving is not swaying, it's stable!
iPhone 12 charger
Play and charge, charging while watching the navigation

Old drivers all know that it's easy to consume electricity when the mobile phone turns on the navigation.

Therefore, it's very important to have a car bracket which is convenient for navigation and charging!

And this bracket perfectly solves these two points.

Put the mobile phone on the bracket, you can watch the navigation while charging wirelessly. No need to pull the cable, very convenient!

Can't you charge with a mobile phone case? I don't even think about that.

The bracket supports 10 mm charging distance sensing. Generally, the thickness of mobile phone shell is about 5 mm, so the problem of charging with shell is not tenable!

I'm no longer afraid to forget to bring the charging cable. I'm no longer in a hurry while driving.

5W high power, stable and fast charging, bid farewell to the trouble of no power

iPhone 12 charger

Charging the most headache is too slow.

If the charging speed is not fast enough, the charging capacity of the mobile phone is not as large as the power consumption.

This wireless charging mobile phone bracket has 5W high power, smooth current and 72% conversion rate. Charging with it, the speed is comparable to wired charging, no power? It doesn't exist!

In addition, sometimes the charging voltage is not stable.

In this case, charging the mobile phone will lead to bad charging and even cause certain damage to the mobile phone.
Apple Charger Cable
This bracket has intelligent protection functions such as over-current, over-voltage, over temperature and short circuit protection, which makes the mobile phone charging safer.

Paste a wireless patch, wired charging mobile phone can also achieve wireless charging

Do you think only wireless charging mobile phones can use wireless charging?

Not at all! Xiaobian teach you a move, so that your wired phone can also use wireless charging!