Performance online, this data cable is a bit interesting

As for the data cable with dual usb-c connector configuration, everyone is familiar with it. At present, the common data cable with dual usb-c on the market has many kinds of performance, such as USB2.0, 60W charging; usb2.0100w charging; usb3.1, 2100W charging, 4K 60Hz and lightning 3 data cable. Among them, lightning 3 has the highest performance, but the price of 200 + is also very "touching".



Some manufacturers have applied the manufacturing technology of lightning 3 to the wire of usb3.1 Gen2, and the performance has also been greatly improved. Today, Xiaobian introduces this data cable to you. In terms of length, there are three options: 0.5m, 1m and 1.5m, which are divided into "youth version" and "professional version". This Xiaobian gets the youth version of 1.5m, let's have a look.

1 What is coaxial line

First of all, let's take a look at what is the coaxial line. The coaxial line is to wrap the Teflon with double-layer shielding and high polymer material on the line. Compared with the traditional stranded wire processing technology, it can reduce the interference in the high-frequency differential signal, reduce the output loss, and maintain stability in the processing. This ensures the stable output of video, audio or data transmission experience, making it possible to increase the function and speed of wire rod.

The e-marker chip is built in the wire, and the charging power can reach up to 20V 5A 100W, which can make the charging more stable. Even the charging power of 100W can also achieve safe charging.


Coaxial line applies the processing technology of lightning 3 wire to the wire of usb3.1 Gen2. The complex manufacturing process gives the wire high quality. At the same time, a variety of materials can effectively reduce the loss of wire transmission, so as to achieve good transmission speed. Then let's take a look at today's leading product: full function usb-c coaxial data cable.

2 Products

  1. Appearance appreciation

Direct access to the theme, the dual usb-c data cable brought by coaxial technology, with tie ties on both sides of the terminal head, can prevent the wire from scattering, and the user can store it more easily.

  1. Thread material

Close up of the wire body: the wire body is made of braided material, and the appearance design of gray and black grid interlacing is adopted, so that the whole data cable can be abrasion resistant and tensile resistant, the service life of the cable can be extended, and the quality is better.

  1. Wire terminal

The terminal head of the wire is made of metal, with 10Gbps logo on it. That is to say, the wire supports 10Gbps rate transmission standard, and the connection between the terminal head and the end of the network has anti-skid design, which is convenient for users to plug in and out when using.

  1. Lengthened net tail

Close up of the end of the net, the end of the net connected by the terminal head and the wire is lengthened, which can prevent the connection from breaking, and the phenomenon of breaking will not appear after a long time of use. The quality is better and the service life is effectively prolonged.

  1. Full pin design

Take a look at the inside of usb-c connector with macro lens. There are 11 pin points at the top and bottom, totally 22 pin points, which meet the quantity standard of usb3.1 Gen2.



  1. Wire length

The measured end-to-end length of wire is about 153cm.

  1. Wire diameter

The diameter of the wire is about 3.25 mm.

  1. E-marker test uses chargerlab power-z km001c to test the wire. It supports 20V 5A 100W charging power and 10Gbps data transmission. The transmission standard is usb3.1 Gen2.

3 charging performance test

  1. Charging a 100 watt mobile power supply

In terms of wire rod, we must pay more attention to the performance of support. Xiaobian actually tested it. First, we used the data cable with 100W charger to charge the 100W mobile power supply of choetech, with the power of 20.17v 4.72a 95.30w. We successfully shook hands with the 20V voltage gear, meeting the 100W charging power standard.

Using data cable and 100W charger to charge zhengtuo 100W mobile power supply, the power is 20.39v 4.74A 96.86w, successfully shaking hands with 20V voltage, meeting the 100W charging power standard.

  1. Charging your phone

After testing the charging power of the mobile power supply, Xiaobian also found Blackshark 3 Pro, and used the data cable with the charger with PPS fast charging protocol to charge Blackshark 3 Pro, with the power of 8.94v 4.01a 35.91w.

Summary of charging head network

Coaxial technology brings this dual usb-c data cable body is wrapped with woven material, compared with TPE material, it is more wear-resistant, dirt resistant, tensile, and has longer service life. The terminal head adopts a metal design, and it also has an anti-skid device, which makes it easier for users to plug in and out when using. The connection between the terminal head and the line body adopts an extended net tail design, which can prevent it from breaking after long-term use.

In terms of performance, the wire supports high-power charging of 20V, 5A and 100W, which can reach the power standard in the actual test of Xiaobian, charging power for Xiaomi 10 Pro reaches 33.22w, and charging power for black shark 3 Pro reaches 35.91w.

In terms of external expansion, it perfectly supports 4K 60Hz display. In terms of transmission speed, after connecting the lightning 3 interface on MacBook Pro with Samsung 970 plus hard disk, the write speed has reached 1453.5mb/s, and the read speed has also reached 1707mb / s, which has exceeded the usb3.1gen2 standard. This is also a surprise.



If you have plans to start with dual usb-c wire, and this data cable can also meet the needs of use, you can focus on it.