Pay attention to the following points when purchasing car charger

Pay attention to the following five points when purchasing car charger

1、 Know the output voltage of cigarette lighter

The output voltage of car is 12V, and that of truck is 24V. The general purpose vehicle charger (12V) is mostly suitable for cars. If it is other models, it is necessary to choose the corresponding voltage standard.
2、 Understand the automatic protection function of car charger

Whether the car charger has over-voltage, over-current, overheating, short circuit protection and other functions, the best shell is made of ABS flame-retardant environmental protection materials, which can prevent external combustion and beautiful, without fingerprints.

3、 Pay attention to the voltage and current

When choosing a car charger, you should pay attention to the voltage and current of the supporting equipment. For example, the iPhone is 5V / 1a, and the tablet computer and mobile power supply are 5V / 2A. If the dual USB interface vehicle charger charges the mobile phone and tablet computer at the same time, the total current of the vehicle charger should be at least 3A or more, otherwise the charging speed will not only drop sharply, but also overheat and even damage the device.

4、 Find out the total current of your car charger
Generally, regular products will indicate the output current a on the charger. If the charger purchased is slow and calorific when charging mobile phone + tablet computer, it means that the current is not up to standard.
5、 Choose a reliable brand
Only reliable brand quality can be guaranteed, and you can use it with ease. I don't need to say much about this. Although the price is generally more expensive than the inferior car charger, if you are greedy and have quality problems, you must have no way to complain. In addition, in order to avoid "fighting" for charging, it's better to choose a car charger with at least 2 USB interfaces, you know~
When choosing a car charger, you can choose one that suits you according to your own habits and preferences, but no matter which type of car charger you choose, excellent quality is the first prerequisite